I have a vistion and that is to make something diffrent, anyone who has ever doubted my methods I have proven wrong ten fold. Aka former deck ape, my word of advice then end result is all that matters only time anything before that matters if it cuases morals to be messed up. Also since so many don't understand my name and why it is spelled this way it is becuase on almost every website the right spelling of the name is already taken i'm not going to be a number. Also if I had choosen the darkwolf9ball anyone who has not played old school mech games would be lost.


how d you do events rpgmaker 2k3

Ok like I was asking how do you do events such as when you walk outsite and the name of the town pops up or do cut sceans. how do you do the intro of the game. how do you make treasure

how do you do all the diffrent types of events

how to do events

I want to know how to do events im flying by atleast i think I need to do alot I got a lot of work to do. But for like doing tresure chest finding potions in crates ect and when walking into a town the name pops up stuff like that I got the map down in time will get better and npcs im sorta good there to its just the cruciel stuff I can add story later.

how do you upload your game

I need help how do I upload something so people can test a newb game and give tips.
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