Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Thanks ! :)
The engine is based on Wolf4sdl so you can move in all directions.

The Wolfenstein and rpgmaker are "glued" together with Dynrpg. Basically I want to be able to create elder scroll arena / ultima underworld type games.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

AceOfAces >> Like Cap_H said, it looks more like steam.
It might be better to start with some kind gif which shows some kind of real water reflections (or from a professional game) and guess how to reproduce it.

Chilly-Pheese-Steak >> Looks good ! :)

On my side, for my wolfenstein rpgmaker cross engine, I solved the blurry effect on my sprites

with xBRZ, but I think the rest is too blury to produce a nice effect.

Lotus2D Game Engine

Looks really good, the Built-in character generator is among the best features I think. I think Chrono Trigger battle system would be a good choice also.
Keep it up ! :)


Thanks Marrend, Mirak and Kentona ! :)
Marrend >> Haha, thanks for the pic. I should reproduce the Ginyu presentation in my game now. I have a little photoshop to do. :p

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Infinite >> This looks so cool !


Thanks for the warm welcome ! :D

Yes, Ginyu was the name that I used for my dragon ball game translation site, it's a DBZ character indeed. :)


Hello everyone,

I've came back to Rpgmaker world a few months ago for a DynRPG Rm2k3 project called Wolfenstein Rpgmaker which is a cross engine between Rpgmaker (as map/event editor/runtime) and Wolfenstein 3D as an addon for presentation.
I submited the project.

In the past, I made some Dragon ball projects like Ginyu Force On Earth, Dragon ball the next revolution.
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