Rescue Reidman IV
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Rescue Reidman IV

This game just keeps getting better with each update! There's so many different ways to play this, and you actually manage to make grinding and farming fun! So here's all the bug-stuff I've found so far:

Thank you so much for the kind words!

That really sucks about the stat bug, I totally thought I fixed it but I guess I was a bit deceived since it no longer completely tanks your stats but just lowers it slightly every now and then. I think a possible candidate is getting into another battle too quickly after ending the last battle or moving to another map.

I'm going to fix this in a major patch soon that will remove the default encounter system entirely and replace it with my own. This should hopefully prevent the stat ruining bug as well as give me more control over encounters, so I can prevent back to back encounters (unless I enable it for difficult areas) and also prevent running into the same encounter twice in a row which is always super annoying considering how many enemy formations I try to make for a given area.

The dragon badge thing is sorta intentional at least for now (it's also a suuuper rare event), as the game gets more finalized and the dragon badge count is more set in stone then I may cap that event at some point. Also thanks for the Mysterious Dead Guy/pc terminal info, there's so many things that I see playing the game so many times that I'm just completley blind too cuz it's been there so long.

The Drink event I actually just dummied out for now until I figure out what I wana do with that. It was a wierd little pointless side quest I made when I first started on the game in 2000 that I completely forgot about over the years. You can even see the very first switch in the game is "Drink" lol

Thanks again though and I'll try to get a new patch out with the new encounter system and stat/bug fixes soon

The Pyramid Review

I actually found both of the secret stashes which is how I even got to the floor 3 boss while still trying to fight the mobs. It's unfortunate that the game is supposed to be about difficult battles but the whole gimmick is apparently avoiding them.

the biggest update in 20 years!!!

the biggest update in 20 years!!!

geez that's super rough, a bug before the game is even downloaded lol
sorry about that! i'm not sure why RMN wouldn't redirect properly to it but here's a direct link, it's on my google drive account: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12SONUpSh5ABSHEo5g9XEjM-keZi09-0F/view?usp=drive_link

i'll include the link on the download page if anyone else has issues. sorry again and thanks for checking it out!

Rescue Reidman IV

should hopefully be within this month

i should know by now after 20 years to NOT give any estimates of the next update but WOW with the exception of about 2-3 months i've spent practically everyday the past year working on it and it's so amazing the game actually feels complete even though i still got a roadmap ahead i can't wait to release this new version soon!! it's the first version i'll say is finally "complete"

i know probably nobody will happen to read this entry before the next update pushes it to the front page but i'm so excited i had to post something sorry!!

Rescue Reidman IV

I am super excited to see another update on this! This project and Into the Evernight are the RPG Maker projects that live rent free in my mind.

thank you! despite the 2 month reply time to this i swear i've been working on this pretty consistently since the last update lol

the next update is gonna be a pretty massive one and there's only going to be about 1 more after that before the game is finally complete. i'm hoping to make a thorough post (with pics and everything!) to cover all the additions whenever i'm actually ready to upload the next update, should hopefully be within this month


A world map is like 100x100 bud and that is TOO BIG lol Quite too big that's like the Danny's Adventure problem I'm editing

i'll probably remove this pic wenever i revamp my game page cuz it's a bit ugly zoomed out with all those event blocks still visible and it's not even a world map lol it's just a location

Rescue Reidman IV

thank you for the report! i'm sorry again, i really do spend a loooong time going through and double checking everything i code to see if it works but clearly things pass by me all the time anyway and its super frustrating lol.

it really does seem simple right? if someone equips a weapon that raises their max hp by a certain amount then just like... do it?? right?

but then it's like... well there's 60 different possible people that can join you with 5 hero characters so how do you streamline that? make the character a variable? sure that's easy so 10 hours and that's done then what's next? oh it turns out if i try to streamline bonus stat boosts then suddenly i'm in a situation where i can't recover my last 5 hp because the game keeps bumping my max hp up by 5 everytime the party configuration switch is ran which is everytime the menu is opened or whenever i hit a save point. BUT now of course it turns out it just completely increases it altogether...

anyway sorry again though i swear ive just sat there for hours and hours across multiple days just testing all the weapons in game and leveling them up really quick through events but i guess that testing process somehow isn't accurate or obviously misses stuff. i'll get a new patch up really soon but i'm going to go through and check everything else and get a few more fixes in. i'll double check the casino events and stuff for it too i actually ran into that blackjack bug abit ago but for some reason forgot to document it (or maybe my brain was just like DIDN'T HAPPEN to save me some grief lol)

Rescue Reidman IV

it's a bit rare but after each game or slot spin there's a 1/15 chance to get a random event, 1/10 if you got the VIP card from the SGPC forum

there's about 20 different events some are just random anime references and others get you a bunch of GP. sorta related i'm probably gona go back and rebalance the slots one day it's a bit hard to get money from them lol

Rescue Reidman IV

Guess I'll report the bugs I find here. Aside from the audio issues, I've found 2 so far, and they're both from mismatched switches:

EBounding crashes the game when you try to recruit him

There was supposed to be a Dragon Badge in the Newb Plains near the chest with the Egg Blaster, but it cannot be obtained due to it being related to an old switch that now seems to be used for something else, so this badge is just automatically gone by the time you get to it. And I found another Dragon Badge just like it in the hallway to the Tomato's Insanity forum!

I was going through the database to check enemies' HP levels and whatnot, and it says that Soulvader has a 0% chance of dropping Soothsayer?!

Also, how do I Scan? Is it learned through an event, or what?

EDIT: OH DEAR GOD, WHAT HAPPENED?! I was leveling up the Seven Sword as Skulryk, and when it hit Level 3, Skulryk's Attack suddenly got truncated down to 1, and nothing increases it anymore! I don't even know how that could have happened, but I reset and did it again twice to make sure of the exact point it happened, and it was indeed when the Seven hit Level 3. And the Long Bow does the same to your HP when it hits Level 3!

oh god i'm sorry!! i think i recognize the bug you're talking about and i ended up fixing it, i'm still working on the audio issue too so i'm going to upload a new version with all those bugs gone and the audio issue should be fixed as well. SORRY you had to go through all that i feel bad lol i should be able to get the patched version up before friday if i work fast enough!

also scan was temporarily removed, i do wana re-add it soon but i'm not 100% sure what im doing with it just yet