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Disharmony makes my mp3s sound like shit

I didn't have this problem on Windows XP but ever since I moved the project to Windows 7 a huge portion of my mp3 files sound like absolute ass in rm2k. I've tested the offending files in winamp and they sound okay but as soon as rm2k attempts it it just sounds muffled and terrible.

For some reason though there are some mp3s that sound great, I've tried comparing a good mp3 vs bad mp3 by checking bit rates and stuff but they're practically identical. That and the fact that if I load up the very same project on my XP computer it all sounds fine.

I know disharmony isn't being worked on anymore so is there possibly another mp3 patch for rm2k that might have better compatibility with windows 7?

Having battle switches activate on the same turn

Example: Say you have a skill called "Steal" and it turns on a switch called "Steal". In battle you'll have a page activated by "Steal" but it will only activate at the beginning of the very next turn. So you use Steal and I have a message "Preparing to steal!" and then the next turn it happens, so there's always a 1 turn delay. Is it possible to circumvent this?

edit: forgot to mention this is rm2k

Need some help brainstorming a save system

I'm working on an RPG/board game hybrid and I'm wanting to implement something like "shop points" where if you beat a board or do something cool or whatever you'll get some shop points to spend at the shop where you can purchase unlockables like new boards/characters/games/etc.

The problem arises when you save the game in the middle of playing a board. Let's say you're playing with a friend (it's two player) and said friend has to leave so you save your game. Well, if you want to start a new game later on by yourself then you'll lose all the "shop points" that were in the abandoned save file.

Then on your new save file you get some shop points, and then your friend eventually comes over and you start up the old save again. Now when you beat that game, you have essentially two separate save files with two different values for shop points. That sucks!

Usually I'm good at brainstorming work-arounds for rm2k (using rm2k, not 2k3) limitations but I'm at a wall here. Is there any solution to this aside from someone making a patch to alter the engine?

Customer gameovers for Rm2k

One other thing I desperately need some help with is trying to get a custom game over event for rm2k. I hate the current one which is just "gameover you lose back to start" and was hoping to replace it with something that takes you back to the last save point or something with all your stuff (exp, gold) intact. I can code that part but the problem is getting rm2k to do ANYTHING after the gameover is triggered. It's pretty much triggered the very instant everyone's HP is at 0, despite my pleas with rm2k by dumping tons of "WHEN HERO HP = 0" events in the battle.

Is there a trick I'm missing here or maybe a patch?

edit: ugh accidentally wrote "customer" gameovers. That's what I get for posting at work.

Duplicate skills in RM2k

So I'm sitting here with a hero character that has like three different entries for Cure and two Scans, they all point to the same skill so it's not like I have duplicate entries in the database.

I'll explain a little bit about my gameplay system so you can get a better idea of what the issue is: There's a bunch of different people you can recruit in this game and you can teach them skills from a guild. When you teach them a skill from a guild rm2k stores that in a switch, so that way when you want to switch your guy out and replace him with someone else, that other person will have all the skills that you taught the other person.

Now these people you recruit can also learn skills naturally through level ups and they can also learn skills through a weapon system in the game, where leveling up a weapon may net you a skill. That's where the duplicate skill entries are coming in. I'm not sure if there's a way I can tell Rm2k that "these here are duplicate skills" since the skills all point to the same one in the database Rm2k logically thinks that there's only one entry for any skill even though it's displaying like 3 other duplicate entries.

I'm in the midst of polishing up my game now and while it's not gamebreaking or anything, it's annoying enough for me to try anything possible for a resolution. There's enough skills in a typical persons skillset without going through 5 pages of clutter :(

Enemy battle animations in rpg2k

I thought I would make this thread to help spruce up RPG2k battles. As it is now most games that use the default battle system have enemies that simply announce they're attacking you and then proceed to shake the screen a little.

Well, here's what you should do instead: create a battle script in the enemy group section that formulates the damage, ie: make a formula that deducts damage from the target hero's defense or whatever you want, then have it display a battle animation of the enemy hitting you.

Now, download Cherry's BEVC patch here: bevc

This is the greatest patch ever for rpg2k. It will allow you to copy the battle script from the enemy group and paste it as a common event. The drawback is that you can't edit it once it's in common events but to work-around that you can copy it back to the enemy group and edit it there.

Now make a line of code in any common event that calls the script you just pasted there and copy that into the enemy group. Now your enemy will call the common event script and you have a semi-custom battle system.

yo check it:

I guess there's really no point in this topic except to show off Cherry's awesome patch, go download it at once!
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