Acak - Random

I have been looking forward to playing this game, but when I clicked the download link, it said the file was infected and I couldn't download. Hope you'll fix it.

A Cliche BirthDay

It said there's virus in the file and I couldn't download it. Hope you'll fix it

Slumber Party

The atmosphere is what I like best. Looking forward to seeing it completed. Music is good, too.

Imaginary Friends

Got it. It's so nice of you StrouBerri!:)

Imaginary Friends

This game is really nice and I've enjoyed it so far, but.....
I got stuck. I have one white flower, one empty glass bottle, three rose hips and two moth wings. It seems that the only thing I need to no now is to find a crystal water but I don't know where to get it....Could you help me, please?

The Huntress of the Hollow

I reaaly love the graphics and the outline of this story. I'm looking forward to it! :-)


Love the art and the story seems intriguing. Looking forward to the release! :)

Red Haze

Looks like my type of game! I'm looking forward to this :-)


Am I the only one who got stuck at the first scene(I'm too stupid to find the password to access that computer:-()
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