The Inn
An adventurer stumbles upon a mysterious and dangerous inn.



Cozy Places

gothicmiriel, take a look at the new event, you'll like it!

ohhhh, seems fun

Cozy Places

i am going to cry, this was literally the most perfect event for me, and i only saw it now

I'm back, baby!

*chanting supportively* sen-pa-i sen-pa-i sen-pa-i

I'm back, baby!

yassss, so happy for you!! put your health and wellbeing first no matter what, though

Situational Update

senpai, i hope you know how many people you have in your corner, thinking of you and cheering you on. take your time, it's not even about the game, we really simply do like you as a person and wish you the best. hope you feel great soon and are back to doing backflips and knife juggling and all the other things cool people do!!

Umbral Soul

Thanks about your answer Wheel, thats all I come for.

Dunno for your health issues, anyway take care.

However, some triggered sycophants should learn to read before posting : your gross offended-for-nothing attitudes are ridiculous at best. Since smart enough people for deducing intentions from a less-than 10 sentences comment dont deserves more than a 4 sentences answer => I had what i came here for, so deal with it or do not for what I care.

well, well, well, look who is back! our favourite... i don't want to get banned. i find it both funny and sad that you saw literally everyone disagreeing with you and quite politely and respectfully calling you out (way more politely and respectfully than you deserved) and you decided to double down and call us all triggered sycophants. although, by using both of those words, you said quite a lot about yourself. so, there is one thing i do agree with you, you are definitely not worth a long answer (but wheelman is, and that is why i am writing this). you should think a little bit about the fact that literally nobody was on your side. like, is everyone else wrong or maybe, just maybe, could it be you? you came with a really awful attitude and projected lots of garbage nonsense on wheelman, and even now, after finding out you were absolutely wrong, you do not even have enough decency to at least apologize or show a bit of compassion. pathetic. truly pathetic. you should be concerned at the state of your heart and mind, there seems to be not a single bit of empathy or accountability left

Umbral Soul

wheelman, my dear senpai, please don't take words like that comment to heart, as you can see, your community loves and understands you, and we support you wholeheartedly. your health is a priority, nobody with a single working brain cell in their head will say the opposite. we are all very thankful we have had the opportunity to play the original umbral soul, and, yes, we would definitely love to play the ultimate edition and the sequel, but not at the cost of your health or anything else regarding your personal life. that would be literally evil. i hope it gives you some comfort while you are going through everything that we are all thinking of you and cheering for you, game or no game, we just want you healthy and happy. stay awesome, wheelman, and don't let anyone dampen your spirit. oh, and also, please don't apologize to people like factchecker, even if you did sound angry or rude, that would be your right. you were basically apologizing to them who were mean and rude and toxic to you, they should be the one apologizing, not you!! your reply to them was way nicer than they deserved, and it just shows once again the difference between people like you and people like them

Umbral Soul

One of the best game you can find on this site. Yet why lying about a sequel or some "ultimate edition" for a 2017 game which received no update since five years ?

Dont misunderstand me, im really thankful to you, the author, for making such exciting little gem, as many here.

I have played and replayed it and will replay it in a near future. But please, stop teasing nothingness with some " I'm aiming to have the ultimate edition done by the end of the year". Or "i will work on this and that" to deliver nothing at end. Its obvious.

Just "im done with this game, glad you enjoyed it" and thats all, simple as that.

People who truly loved your free work will not bark or belittle you. Really.

what is wrong with you? just, WHAT? i am not planning on arguing with you, i am not gonna tell you something bad that might get me banned from the site, but i have to say a few things. my questions will be rhetorical, as i am not looking for answers or even expecting a reply from you, but these are some things you really should ask yourself

how dare you accuse anyone of lying? why not check things out a bit more thoroughly first, wheelman has mentioned several times already the issues with his health, and it is extremely rude and insulting to him to just assume things like that

and even if there was nothing mentioned regarding his health or anything else anywhere, what gives you the right to demand things from wheelman, and, again, accuse him of lying? you know nothing about his life, family, work, mental and physical health, there could be a million reasons why the games are being made slowly, and you don't know any of them, and wheelman is not obligated in any way to tell them to you or anyone else. there are so many other words you could have used if you wanted to express your frustration in a constructive manner, but no, you chose lying

i am confused as to what exactly did you think you would achieve by writing your comment. do you see yourself as a knight in shining armour that will protect us innocents hoping for a game that will never come? your message was petty, nothing else. there was nothing constructive or helpful in it. you even bolded the word free, so you are aware that wheelman is making these games because he loves to do it, with absolutely nothing to gain from it, and yet, you chose to be rude and condescending

did you pay for the game that never came out? did you give wheelman your life savings, kidney, and a firstborn in exchange for the game that you did not get? like, even if you paid, your attitude would still be wrong, but this makes it even worse. what exactly makes you think you have any right to say anything to wheelman? you liked the game, replayed it, and? what now? do you want an award? he did not force you to play it, replay it, or hope for the sequel/ultimate edition. if you do not like that he is taking a long time to make the games, just stop following him/the game, stop checking out this page or anything else, if you believe it is all over and done, move on and don't be mean. you know that thing people say to kids, "before you say something, ask yourself if it is true/kind/helpful/necessary"? well, you should have asked yourself that before writing this comment, as it was none of those things

also, i just checked something, and your account is two days old. did you really make an account just to be rude to wheelman? that is just sad, my dude

the community around wheelman and this game has always been very positive and supportive, and i hope it stays that way. i will choose to believe you did not have any bad intentions and just worded your frustration wrong. however, i do mean every word i said to you, as, even if that was the case, you had a choice to word it differently and you didn't

Progress Report and Feature Update

why did i read the words "a promising script" before anything else and my brain went to "did someone write a script for an umbral soul movie and send it to wheelman?" xD

Progress Report and Feature Update

woooow, love it, senpai!! i already absolutely loved your mapping, but you completely knocked it out of the park with these new maps, they are super gorgeous! can't wait to see everything in the ultimate version and have fun playing it all once again :3 (but i am not saying this in a pressure way, of course, relax and rest as much as you can, please, your health is more important than anything else)