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Chastitas: The Broken La...
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Battlebacks and Voice Acting

Well, I've pretty much decided I want voice acting, but the problem is whether or not people are going to fill in the roles. I'm going to update the first post with additional roles That I'll need if voice acting is going to go into the game, however.

Tryout people! It can't hurt :D

Chastitas: The Broken Land

Hey Grimm where art thou? I am stuck trying to find a way to jump over those three holes.
Also does sake make just the user beserk or the whole team.My mage used it and now every battle is beserked and I have no control until either the enemies are dead or my team dies.

Sorry man. Progress is slow. Just...issues.

Anyhow, the sake is only supposed to berserk the user; you say it's berserking the whole party? I''ll have to look into that. The three holes in the Cursed Passages should be able to be jumped over by interacting with them once you have found the planks. I'll do another check to see if I messed something up, otherwise that's how it should go. Perhaps I should have the characters tip you off about them earlier? Dunno.

Battlebacks and Voice Acting

Well, a friend of mine on Steam was interested in the project, and I told him how I was looking for voice actors: Here's a link to the .ogg of his tryout for Sascha, a supporting character in the first saga.

Battlebacks and Voice Acting

That was a rather enjoyable performance, Trina! I couldn't stop laughing at how cheesy my dialogue was. Shows that I still have along way to go eh?

I like how your voice melds with the personality I envisioned the character to have. My complaints, however, lie both in my rather amateur dialogue, and the overdrama on the 4th and 5th lines. It sounds solid, but those two lines are supposed to be a bit more serious.

Maybe I'm being rash, but your voice fits Muzai well. In the event I get more potential actors, I'd love to have you on board! Given that, this is a sizable game I intend on making. There will be quite a bit of dialogue. Keep it in mind.

Well, I wish you luck, and I hope you do the same for me. Time will tell how this plays out.

PS- For Reference, Muzai Utsukushisa Is pronounced (Moozeye Ootskuhshisa)

Edit: Took a look at your demo reel. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Battlebacks and Voice Acting

Hey, hey all prospective Voice Actors, I'm still looking for people to fill in all of the voice acting roles listed above. I at least want to hear these lines put down before I decide whether or not to have voice acting!

Remember, I more than open to script changes and the like, the lines above are samples from the currently written and dialogue, and I'd be more than happy to involve the actors in writing the dialogue, given you actually pop up and try!

Important Map Announcement

Hey, hey take it easy. I'm all for the edits, I'm not the best at mapping myself. So, go ahead and go wild!

Wyrm Warriors

That was part of the original writeups that people submitted. We have all that info already - too much of it, in fact, to realistically use everything we already have in the game.

Well, looks like I'm a bit uniformed, or maybe misinformed...or maybe a combo. Dunno. My bad anyways.

Wyrm Warriors

Also, only three out of the thirty characters are actually mine, the rest were created by the community, so its difficult to make the narrative filled with dialog that explores the characters' personalities.

Would it be a bad idea to create a new topic and ask the creators of character-and in the case a creator is absent, someone else- to flesh out a character and perhaps give them a semblance of a backstory, a personality, or at least an archetype for the character to fill?

Make a Map!

BIG EDIT: Wow, I replied to the first couple of posts on the first page before realizing there was a second page. My LARGE bad. I'll send the maps to you ASAP unity. In any case, I genuinely prefer LockeZ's idea of combining the two maps, the original idea DID want a maze so...

Considering it was a mausoleum, I intended on giving it either a somewhat wild appearance, or a building-like one. I personally felt that number three suited it best. On the other hand, LockeZ has a good point; considering unity intends on putting the dungeon in a volcano, it might be a good idea to take the first two "versions" and make them one dungeon. They'll definitely need some editing, I'm not exactly the best at this.

And yes, the third map is pretty much a re-textured second map. The second one was a spur of the moment when unity said she intended on having the dungeon in a volcano. I liked the layout, so I redid it.

Make a Map!

Alright, so I got three possible maps here, although I scrapped the dusty old mine idea for a more Volcano-like thing and two dreary Mausoleum things.
Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Tell me which one you prefer. ( I got really bored/confused so I just made three different maps.)