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Chastitas: The Broken La...
Traditional FF-Like Turn-Based RPG



Make a Map!

I think I'll give the Sleeping Mausoleum a run; I did pitch in a rather complicated map idea a while back, so I'll repay it by doing one that I can actually manage.
I have a somewhat basic mock-up in my head, which I'll leave in a spoiler.

Now, what I want to ask, does Craze normally make maps in a Zelda-esque room by room style, or a bulk style dungeon?
EDIT:Looks like Craze tends to stick with a large bulk map, if the images on his games are anything to go by. That's what I'll work with.

I'll probably leave the placement of the diamond to you as well.

EDIT2: Uh, hey. I know this thing's supposed to be underground and all, but I don't suppose you'd tell me if you'd prefer it,(The Entrance specifically) to be a desert-y type of place or a grassland-y type of place would you? Screw it, I might be lazy and leave that to you too...I don't want to do that if I can help it though.



In case it doesn't turn out well, it's supposed to be a diamond.
rooms are just regular old rooms.
() rooms are "treasure" rooms, which require a puzzle to reveal a chest.
{} The sarcophagus room.
<> The key room.
** Rooms that have a puzzle to open key room

I intend on making it with 2 (block? pixel?)high walls, and basically making it seem like a dusty old mine or something.

Battlebacks and Voice Acting

Would you be open to a few changes in the scripts? I think I might be able to retain the impact of the monologue while making it more lean.

Sorry about the long response time. Sure go ahead. The entire thing is still in progress, and although I pride myself in my writing, my monologues were never exactly...up to par.

In other words, I'm completely open to changes.

Battlebacks and Voice Acting

I've recently decided these forums would be a good place to start finding voice work that could get my name out there. I wouldn't mind giving it a go. I'm 37/m, deep voiced, good for doing older characters, "badass" types or villains I would guess.

want me to try one?

Dude, that's the whole point! Give The Yohei and Shinoken spoilers a go, they're the bottom two. PM me the voice clips if you get a chance. I'm thoroughly looking forward for this kind of thing to go through.

Have fun!

Chastitas: The Broken Land

I seem to b having a problem entering the manor in the first town everytime I approach it the lead hero keeps turnimg back saying something about the energy of the manor yet that's what I assume is the next target area after talking to the elder is there some glitch I may have triggered that prevents my entering the manor im assuming the manor is the topmost northeastern building next to the holes I had also fought the ttravelerge building din the stora and picked upall the chestsid any of my actions triggers a bug that prevents me from going further or did I miss something that helps me go further I had talked tp the elder twice already or did I miss an item or event can someone tell me what im doing wrong please

Whoa. Um...English please?

Not meaning to be rude; anyway, realize that the version linked to the "Download Now" button is a bit old. There's a large amount of bugs in that one that no longer exist. You could play the "Tester's Version" accessible through the downloads page which is, ironically, public. I do think it jumps past quite a bit, however.

A Battleback and Voice Acting

Have you found anyone to do your voice acting for Yohei?
I would be interested in trying for the part.
I will admit, I don't have any actual VA experience, but I do have an acting background throughout H.S. and College via various Drama/Acting classes.

If you approve, I'd like to print the Yohei script you provided and run through it
a few times over a recorder just to see.

(And to think I came on here looking for combat scripts...lulz)

Whoa, sorry about the delay. Bad things were happening. The whole point of this is that you guys take the scripts I typed out and run them over. You're the first to even inquire.

In other words, by all means go ahead. Send me the transcript once you played around with 'em :D

Looking for a specific sprite

Well not just one, but a whole pack, I remember some time ago, i stumbled upon a school pack where all of the default RPGXP character have school uniform, thats what I need for my current game but I cant seem to find it anymore...

Shit. If you don't mind doing a little bit of work:

This little beauty makes character sprites for VX/VX Ace and XP. I'm sure you can remake the default sprites in school uniforms with a little work.

Tester's Version 3.8

Riiiiiiiiiight...clear as fog. Anyway if you open that part of the cave again, I will give it a try.

Sooooo whats next and when?

Alright, I've confirmed the barrel crash as being some redundant conflict with Battle Symphony. Thankfully, I've fixed that, but the fix wasn't present in this version.

In addition to that, I gotta do that self-switch and priority clean-up.

In any case, the bandit battles are finished, I just gotta run through the very last bit and make sure it's running properly, then I gotta finish the whole "Treachery of the Noble of Nairikuno" section that involves assassins in the middle of the night. Hopefully, I can get this part out by Sunday 10:00 PM EST, if not more. After that, I'll be working on the rest of the interiors for Nairikuno as well as the Nairikuno Tunnels. Get your thinking caps ready, because that part is three riddles that either lead to battles or clear paths.

Tester's Version 3.8

In the Passages after you get to the lower level, theres a spot where the moment you move from checking a barrel that you encounter enemies and it crashes the game everytime.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOk, I got past that by just sidestepping it and continuing. However in the Passages the game crashes a lot so I just kept saving every few feet and managed to get through.
The area where you get the miners hats, planks,etc...this is all repeatable.
I dont know what the planks did because I never used them even when there were some boards which looked as if that might be the place to do so.
The puzzle with the torches was totally confusing. I ended up lighting them in counter clockwise until all were lit EXCEPT the one in the idea if it was supposed to be lit. I just walked past it and down into the next room. The boss killed everyone except Shuniken who killed the boss then whisked us out of the cave.If you go north and enter the cave where the teo soldiers are you can get to a point farther in where a gate has gone down but you cant enter into the area beyond.
I fought a buttload of bandits and finally got Kukulooku or what ever his name is.I swear I killed all the bandits a 1000 over and they keep coming. I suspect this is the end of the demo. Narikuno is a BIG city. Cant wait to see what youre going to do next...and when.

Oh the land battles have an aboard ship back drop....woo hoo.

Gonna have to check that barrel! Fucking barrels. In any case, if you could write down and tell me what the crashes say, that'd be wonderful. I'll also do a run-through of the place myself.

As for the repeatable stuff; Don't you just love self-switches?

Haa~ The screwed up battles are the fault of my currently unfinished work with getting battlebacks to change in different areas. I'll have to turn that off XD

The Final Bandit battle with the Bandit Leader is essentially the end of the demo. There's no legitimately formal end yet, as this is, essentially, the in-progress version.

The puzzle has a riddle to it, it's in the center of the room, the little shrine thingy.

Instructions in the spoiler.

"To the Sun's Rise lies the the flame to set free, to the Moon's set lies the key.
This just means that a torch on the east side will give you an optional mini-boss, whereas a torch on the west side will open the seal.
"Tarry once to douse the flames;twice to light the moon aflame; Thrice to watch old Helios rise."
This tells you that by intereacting with the torch once, you turn it off. the second time activates the "Moon" switch, and the third time activates the "Helios" switch, which releases the miniboss.
"From the cragged stone, the hands of a clock spin back in time; two in the hand are prized than one in the bush; the sum and two better still..."
Look at the rock. Find the torch closest to it. Go counterclockwise five torches. That's the torch you need. Touch it twice to move on, thrice to fight the miniboss.
"Follow the Southern Winds, and from where the stone shall have stood, follow the hands of time, six in the quiver and perhaps four more."
Go to the next room with torches and look at the top left torch. From there, count ten times. Interact with it 2 times to get out, 3 times to fight the boss.

Anyone need a RPG VX Ace Mapper?

I see what you mean. I guess that explains why your photos are so big?

It's quite wonderful seeing the quality of your maps, but I understand if posting them is a bit tedious. I do all my stuff on an old HP laptop, and it's a bitch to hit 4 keys to take a screenie XD

Battlebacks and Voice Acting

Strange. It seems that one gets more hits on the forum, as compared to the blogs that show up at the top.

I'm in desperate need of a battleback in the style of RTP; more importantly, one that is sort of like a palm forest. Really bad description, I know, but think of something along the lines of fitting the Palm Tree tile in RTP. I searched for a good hour without results.

As for the Voice Acting: I'm teetering on the edge of whether or not to have voice acting in my game. What's holding me back, I suppose, is the fact that I don't really have anyone reliable to hope to voice sections of it. So, hidden away in the spoilers are four samples. Around 6 lines each, one for Kenshi, Muzai, Yohei, and Shinoken. What I'd like to receive from this are samples of dialogue performed by anyone who thinks they have the chops for the lines hidden away. Each spoiler gives a very minute description of what I'm looking for towards the character's voice, and each line has some brief instructions about the tone.

Should I like what I hear, I'll most DEFINITELY get back to you. Of course, that's given I actually get people trying out the roles ;D

Young Male. Sarcastic and Spirited.Slight Arabian accent.
(Accusatory Tone)"Trying to celebrate my late sister's birthday; share some of my precious rice to honor her name, and end up getting kidnapped as a result."
"She would've turned 13 just yesterday, when your father's group kidnapped me..."
(Wistfully happy, with a grave tone.)"Yohei was right. You really could feel that smile in death. Guess I already fulfilled that wish old man."
(Spirited, angry. Stalwart in his conviction.)"I promised myself that I wouldn't let a smile that made the sun seem as if it barely shined at all fade away!"
(Same as above. Empahsis on will and never.)"I will ensure that Shometsu never comes to Fruition!"
(Just used all of his energy in yelling.Resigned but angry.)"Tch. I'm going to the manor, Muzai. I'll meet you outside."

Young Female. Blunt, Spirited. Think any anime heroine that has no tits; with a slightly deeper voice, (Come on, women do not sound 10 years old.)
(Blunt, apathetic.)"We're probably going to have to deal with each other for a while, so it makes sense."
(Apathetic, but slightly mocking at "Rice Guardian")"I'm assuming your apparent obsession with rice explains your nickname, Rice Guardian?"
(Blunt. Wistful when at family part. Very slow, methodical and shady at "Only Child.")"The name's Muzai. Muzai Utsukushisa. 19. Single. My last family member just died in there. Only...Child..."
(Lovey-Dovey Question!)"Hey, promise me something, would you?"
(Serious. Blunt.)"Promise me you'll never leave me."
(Childishly, like a child thinking out loud that he hopes he won't get caught.)"I hope he didn't see me sleeping in his bed though..."

This is just one long piece of text with a voiceover.
Older Male. Confident, Regal. Think Older Japanese Samurai with a remarkable sense of honor. No japanese accent though.
"To Muzai and Kenshi,

I had a dream last night. I dreamt of
Chastitas. I dreamt that this land, ravaged by
war, disease, and famine, was free. I saw a
young girl named Ureshii; She told me
about you Kenshi. About everything. She told
me that you would be able to change the fate
of this world. I would wish never to see the
images she showed me that night again.
I don't want to see this world in chaos. I don't
want to see it destroyed. Muzai doesn't deserve
to see this world in such a state.
Ureshii showed me something
though. Something that could melt even the iciest
of hearts. She showed me Muzai smiling. I
haven't seen her smile since her mother died,
and I might never see it again. Kenshi, take
care of Muzai for me. I'll be able to feel
her smile on the other side. Ureshii told me
that everything was going to be okay.

Go on you two. Kenshi, Muzai, take
on this big, bad world. Do me a favor, and save it.

I know I've done bad things in the
past. What can I say? I'm the leader of a
bandit clan. The gods weigh heavily on my
fate strings. I trust that you can clear the
strings of those unable to.

Good Luck, and Fight On,
Yohei, The Black Dragon"

Old Fellow. Not a particularly deep voice, think the Japanese actor for Abel Nightroad in Trinity Blood. Real lofty and carefree, with the ability to turn serious on a dime.
(Think your average stoner.)"I'll give ya some of the fish man! It's a really rare fish that sells well. Plus, I heard you can smoke the scales and they give this super-high!"
(Blunt Rage. Emphasis pauses at periods.)"The Gleam Eyes is ruthless and emotionless. He. Will. Kill. You. Both of you."
(Blunt and serious.)"I am not assisting you in a suicide mission. That is final."
(Spirited, almost like a rousing speech to troops.)"No matter what you witness...No matter the decisions you make and no matter their consequences...No matter what happens! No matter the outcome! No matter the conflict!Gods Damn it all, you promise me that what is done by you to prevent Shometsu is only done for the sake of the people you care about!"