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All talk, no play


An even more frightening question: if we realize that creating the thing that we want to create is beyond our reach - should we even try in the first place? Is the process fun enough to continue? Will "settling for less" be good enough? And is this notion particular to personal preference, or is there an objective statement to be made about the fruits of creativity not appeasing the ambitions of your own mind?

If you refuse to reach for the stars, how will you ever reach the clouds?

You absolutely should try, and in some cases, I say you have to. A process isn't always fun, and if it doesn't interest you enough to keep you going, then it simply isn't something that you should do. A Buddhist does not wish to wage war, and at the same time a Nazi Warmonger does not wish to take the middle path.

Settling for less is never good enough, but for some, it is, simply, enough. An abstract statement I know, but there's no other way to put it.

As for that last question, I feel you've already answered that one in your own head. To me, enough is enough, but good enough is never enough.
So my question is - if the person will theoretically never be able to find the full joy that they are searching for in the creation of anything they pursue - is it worth the journey? Or would their efforts best be spent elsewhere? Can a person ever know if they will never reach their goal? Is the pursuit of an impossible goal admirable or even sane? I know these are tough questions, and for some of them I am being the Devil's Advocate, but I would like to hear people's answers.

The journey is always worth more than the destination, yes? in any case, one could always, arguably, be spending their efforts better elsewhere. It's a matter of personal perspective.

Does one know if they will reach their goal? I think the answer to that is a perpetual no. One may simply stop before the finish line, after all. One only knows the goal they have in mind, and whether they have the means to reach it.

The pursuit of the impossible, in my head, is admirable. After all, impossibility was once defined as a ship made of steel, a building taller than 3 stories, and the idea that earth was not the center of the universe.

In other words, "Nothing is impossible, merely Implausible."

Anyone need a RPG VX Ace Mapper?

That's a pity. I was looking forward to seeing you make some more cool maps.

Here's wishing you luck in whatever you seek to do next!

Tester's Version 3.8

Alright, playing one of my own testing saves, the fix doesn't carry over to old saves. It's a pity that, I sunk an hour and a half into my own test...

Fixed the manor bug. Another one leftover from the Aesthetic's update.

Taking into account what you sent in the PM, I'll temporarily default Muzai and Kenshi with some better armor and weaponry, as well as level 5, (The level they were at after my run-through.) I'll also put them right outside the Cursed Passages.

I'll PM you when 3.7 is out.

Tester's Version 3.8

Luck, Cap'n!

Thanks for it! I finally managed to get it working properly. Took me forever and a day though. I'll hit you up with a PM once 3.6b is uploaded.

Tester's Version 3.8

I think it has to do with the way I set the event up. I'll set up an individual event for Shinoken instead of a control switch; I'll test it before I compress and upload.

Wish me luck!

Anyone need a RPG VX Ace Mapper?

Shit man. That's an impressive resume you've got there. If you'd be so kind, I'd love to have you map the interior of a 3-story manor with a basement. At the moment I'm only using RTP, but anyways, here's a picture of the exterior to give you a feel of what I'm looking for.

Whatever you'd be willing to provide would be great. Of course, I fully expect to give you credit for the map man!

Tester's Version 3.8

Still frozen at the shrine!

Did you try waiting for a bit? Shinoken walks over from where he's standing.

I'll take a look at the movement route to make sure he doesn't get stuck on something.

Tester's Version 3.8

Sinoken keeps telling me to wait and he will be over in a moment. I have opened the treasure chests and went down to the shrine that repeats about his beloved Yatta. But nothing happens and I have sat there for 10 minutes thinking it would continue. But he keeps saying the same thing.
Also you fixed the door to Kenshis house but you cant go back in. Also I think you said you had fixed the entrance to the manor, so you can go back in and get all the SAKE in the basement. You cant go back in.

Alright, eliminated the switch requirements to go into both Kenshi's house and the Manor. Left it on for the event, though, so that should still work.

I see what I did wrong with the event related to the Shrine. I put it so Shinoken had to be present. He's not supposed to be XD

I'll start compression immediately. I'll shoot you a PM when it's done.

Ultimate RPG looking for Ultimate Characters

Name: Jyuni
Profession: Drunk Time-Traveling Programmer
Dialogue: "I spent 3 years working on a goddamned time machine. You want to know what came out of it? 30 years of watching my best friend get murdered over and over and over; I came to the realization that the very flow of the world wanted her gone. So, I took on drinking, learned Drunken Karate from some fat guy who likes to barf on his enemies, won some misspelled tournament, and drank enough to kill an elephant in 3 minutes flat. I won 50 bucks. I haven't looked back since."
Join: "Tell you what, I'm pissed. Find me some faces to smash before I blow my brains out."

-Drunken Stupor: Wildly and Chaotically strike at the opponents: Hits 1-3 enemies 1-3 times.
-Lockdown: Jyuni uses his skills in Time Manipulation and Programming to stop up to three opponents for upto 3 turns, at the expense of lowering his defensive capabilities.

WYRM WARRIORS! Design a Dungeon!

Required Dungeon's Name: The Archives of the Seraphim

Diamond Element: Diamond of Passion

Description: A worldly, rundown,maze-like ruin. Within lies a small shrine which teleports you into a more ethereal location where harder enemies, greater riches, and the actual Archives await. Within the many floors of the Archives, you must forge your way past a maze of magic library shelves that change as you read the books. Past that, lies a stone librarian that allows you to pass either by correctly answering her riddle or bringing her the lost tome hidden away in the shelf puzzle. Afterwards, you find yourself in the corridors of the Great Archives of the Seraphim, where you may find the entrance to the chamber where Ein and the Diamond of Passion lie.

-Cursed Flying Books that dish high-speed, high-damage attacks, at the expense of health and defense.
-Seraphim: Flying, angel-like beings that dish physical damage while being highly resistant to magic.
-Granite Lions: A nod to those lions sitting outside of Libraries, these things dish and take physical punishment like bosses, but can't cope very well with the elements.
-Sprites: Humanoid creatures, some even have wings. Think of these as the cannon fodder of the enemies here.
-Bookworms: Primarily located during the Shelf section, these buggers hit fast and flee often. Think of them as harassers.
-Page Moths: Seeking the silk pages of the oldest books, they ferociously attack anything that stands in their way. Fragile, they dish out all kinds of damage. Perhaps they could also be fighting with the Serpahim? Monster in-fighting, yay!
-Undead Scholars: Tanks that exist merely to soak up damage. They are old human scholars who died in this place, but desired so strongly to continue gaining knowledge that they continued to research in the undeath.

Boss: The Fallen Angel, Ein. An angel who relinquished his status in Heaven to protect the passion of humanity, he brandishes his massive blade to ward off those who would dare to destroy it. His age, and thus senility, has led him to believe that the rightful owners and protectors of the Diamond, I.E. Your party, are demons that seek to annihilate the world. This battle is to display your party's fervor. As such, Ein constantly shifts weaknesses and attack styles. Your party must continuously adapt to his tactics to dish out a large amount of damage over a set amount of time. Should you fail, you may try again, but his tactics become even more chaotic.

Other Notes: The Archives are a holy place, thus, perhaps it should deny passage to the more...morally ambiguous members of the party? Being a library, this place should have riddles galore. Of course, those answers should be hidden away within the library itself, to prevent bad things from happening.