Well, I'm not exactly a person of too much interest. I enjoy video games, Manga, and Anime. There you go. I like to think I'm a half-decent writer, as well as an amateur poet.
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Do RPGs need a story?

RPG means Role-Playing Game, yes? So in essence, any game where you play some sort of "role" is an RPG. With that definition, you could arguably say the Pong is an RPG. Did it have a story? No.

This generation of gamers is increasingly seeking less and less of mindless violence and exploration and seeking meaningful meaningful stories; the potatoes and stock to go with their meat.

So, does that mean an RPG should have a story? Yes, by all means it should. Does it need a story? No, not really. Stories, though, keep things interesting and connect the player to the game, at least a little bit. It increases the appeal of the game, and helps to ensure that a player will stick to the end. So, try to get stories in there, yeah?

Need Assistance Finishing RPG

I'm not much for testing, (I don't have the patience), but I'm certainly willing to be a creative dump. I like to think that I'm a rather adept writer, and poetry is my passion, (Along with making games of course!) In any case, if you have a set storyboard and/or dialogue, I'd be more than willing to give it a look over and tell you my thoughts on the quality and flow. I'm no Writing professor, but I can handle the nuances of the English language a wee bit better than some of the denizens of the internet.

Besides, I love writing stories and dialogue, that's the best part of an RPG, in my opinion at least. If you'd appreciate my help, just make it known, and I'll sned you my contact details. Either that, or you can just PM me whatever you want to dump on me. I'm cool either way.

Good Luck!

Current Order of Things

I see youre on top of things! So...the beach freeze?

That, along with the Battle Crashes, I'm still working on ironing out >.<

Input on a Weapons and Armor "System"

There's not much to say. Everything here looks pretty straight-forward. My only concern is about the stat penalties. Unless the battle system requires the player to build a tank, it's hard to make sacrificing offensive stats for defensive ones appealing. After all, the best defensive is a good offense.

Quite a few of the enemies hit pretty hard, and most have a distinct elemental weakness, and then a distinct Magical or Physical weakness. Everyone can dish out sizable damage, but not everyone can take sizable damage. Because the party often finds itself at a numbers disadvantage, you'll be essentially forced to prioritize enemies, either by whittling away at the tanks, who dish sizable Physical damage on their own, or taking out the much faster magical opponents.
Think taking on that Airship Boss with Missles in...FFV or FFVI with slightly underleveled characters. You really have to prioritize the parts, (And spam healing and defensive spells), to survive.

Without proper defensive equipment, both on your offensive and defensive oriented characters, you WILL lose battles. Game Over Screen Galore.

In any case, I intended to avoid blatantly catering to those with an RPG play style much like my own in the older Final Fantasy's, I.E. "The Best Defense is a Good Offense." Allowing the player the choice of how he/she wishes to cut down their foes is precisely what I wish to accomplish, albeit one that isn't particularly emphasized.

Current Order of Things

By the would be nice to be able to re-enter the manor in order to get all that SAKE in the basement.

In the TESTERS VERSION you give us all kinds of nifty stuff to start out with. In the regular one obviously we wont have this. The bandits, even when there are several, give really paltry EXP, they are pretty frequent. Its better to run at each encounter and try for a stronger enemy.Could you fix it so that occasionally a stronger enemy appears which might drop a decent item or maybe more money? I know there are slimes etc already, but just something to encourage saving frequently and add some spice to the stew.

Also I might have missed it somewhere, but what do we do with GUIDES, INSTRUCTIONS, BOOKS,etc? Keep them for later or sell them for decent money?

Bandits do give paltry EXP, eh? I wanted to keep the monsters in that area relatively weak, but I'll go ahead and drop in a bit more exp on the bandits, as well as come up with a stronger enemy. I keep mentioning an Obi, but I'm not sure what to make it exactly.

Alot of the stuff that monsters drop is loot. You sell that for some paltry sums of cash. Alot better than getting Denarii from everything right? (I mean come on, do you REALLY expect a bat or something to have cash on it?)

I wanted the player to have to actually interact with some of the items to figure out what some of them do, E.G. Eating Monkey Meat dropped by Oasis Monkeys in the little Forests near the Oases will net you a neat little 15% STM Restore. I'll let you in on a secret though, those books will drop you some stat points; increasing health, attack, etc.

Course, you COULD sell them for a decent set of cash, but I intend on lowering the price so you get a rather paltry sum of cash for them, now that I know shopkeepers will sell things based on a price you set. I.E. The system will register the price as, say, 2000, so the return when you sell it is, what, 1000 Denarii? However, the bookstores that are occasionally in towns will sell them for 15 to 20 Thousand Denarii a piece. This will probably help prevent entrepreneurs from cashing in on them too well.

Edit: You can go back into the manor after beating the boss? I could've swore I left the switch to allow entrance on...

Current Order of Things

Murky Glass is a Dagger, if that's what you're asking.

Now, are you on the beach in Telbooze, or the beach after you defeat the Lungfish and Shinoken runs off?

In any case, I'll continue work tomorrow. I had to go downtown for the day, so I wasn't able to do much. I've got work tomorrow too, but I'll be able to work on this late.

Anything else you can find out would be wonderful, man. Thanks!

Current Order of Things

Every battle now crashes the game with this:

battle-symphony line 3284

Tch. Man, this is getting problematic XD
I'll toy around with it, and run some tests on my end.

Current Order of Things

Ha! You and those switches!

I know right? I'm getting better at remembering the damned fiddly things, but shit happens XD

Current Order of Things

Still repeatable is the scene where he wakes up Muzai. If you take a shower it does this.
When Muzai and Kenshi go to the Elder, he isnt there. But the Manor is open.
If you visit the Passages before youre supposed to, you enter the cave but the game freezes. It doesnt crash but you just cant move and go back outside.
In the manor after fighting the first battle, the next battle with a the monster, the game crashed with "battle-symphony line 3284". It seems this happens at any given time now that Ive played it a bit longer.

The Angel of Death is replayable...but even if you beat him, because its replayable, you cant get the chest behind him.

So the scene only repeats when you use the shower? If it's just that, it might just be a teleport error.

That looks to be more switch errors and some bugs with the doors. I'll see if I can't find a workaround.

I forgot to set the event to autorun if Shinoken isn't in the party XD

Line 3284 crash tends to happen whenever the character is stunned/asleep/paralyzed and wants to counter, but can't counter. It has to do with the counter override with battle-symphony. I'll see if I can't find a workaround for this.
Edit: I can probably workaround this by changing coutnerattack rate to -100% when stunned. Hopefully, this should work.

Must've forgot to set a self-control switch on him. I'll fix that ASAP.

Input on a Weapons and Armor "System"

This is pretty much just ripped from my blog, by considering no-one took a look at it, I want to see what the community has to say about how I will be fleshing out this "system" in my game Chastitas: The Broken Land

Spoilers because this thing is massive.

I always like how Runescape pulled off the armor and weapons, of course this was way back, I have no idea how it operates now.

Armor helped the niche it was made for:
-Leather armor was easy to move around in, and thus was perfect for Archers, but it was bad for Warriors for obvious reasons. Mages also weren't good with it because magic doesn't like Leather and stuff for some reason.
-Heavy armors like Plate and Chain were obviously great for warriors. Melee was no problem, and arrows bounce off. However, it conducts magic, making mages a deadly adversary, therefore it makes it poor for mages. The difficulty of moving made it hard to use for Archers as well.
-Mage Armors such as cloth were perfect for mages because it was relatively inert or gave bonuses to magic. In this sense, it was also good for archers, but reduced protection, and was porr for Warriors for obvious reasons.

In just the armor sense, and essentially governing the effectiveness of weapons:
Melee beats Ranged/Ranged beats Magic/Magic beats Melee

This of course had exceptions:
If a Ranger could keep good distance he could kill a Warrior.
If a Warrior closed in on Mage, he could hack through him like butter.
If a Mage had enough skill, he could blast the Ranger with sheer Magical DPS

The emphasis here lies on IF and COULD

In this sense, I wanted to model my weapons and armor to give the players a more strategic choice for the Characters; Limited by the proficiencies of the Characters themselves. Obviously, little Vittoria the Healer won't be wearing Plate Armor, likewise you probably won't see Deven wearing Cloth Armor---However, I decided that if the character can wear it without problems, he can if you so desire.

Weapons are a different story though; These are quite strictly limited byt the proficiencies of the Character. Deven doesn't know how to use a bow; Kukyona isn't very good with a sword because of his age; Kenshi isn't the kind of guy to use gloves to kill things.

In any case, this is how I decided to set up armor:
Six Armor Types Three Armor Locations
-Cloth -Head
-Leather -Body
-Chain -Shield: Small, Large, Tower

Locational Protection
-Head- Slight Protection. Affects Luck and Max HP
-Body- Most Protection. Affects Agility and Hit Rate
-Shield- Slight Protection. Adverse affect to Agility based on size and Counterattack Rate/ Affects Evasion Rate

Armor Functionality
-Cloth: Minimal Defense, Agility/Hit Rate Bonus. Headwear increases Luck/Max HP significantly.Slight Evasion/Counter Bonus.
-Leather: Low-Mid Defense, No Agility Bonus; High Hit rate Bonus. Headwear raises luck slightly; Slightly more HP bonus than Cloth.
Slight Counter Bonus.
-Chain: Mid Defense, No Agility Bonus; Adverse Hit Rate Effect. Headwear does nothing to Luck; Counterattack Up. HP Bonus Minimal.
-Scaled: High-Mid Defense, Agility Penalty.No Hit Rate Penalty. Headwear is inert with slight HP Bonus.
-Plate: Highest Defense, Agility/Hit Rate Penalty. Headwear penalizes Luck; Moderate HP Bonus with HIGH defense. Evasion Penalty.
*** Mid, Low, Minimal, Inert, Penalty- Magic Defense Respectively.
*** Cloth/Leather has minimal bonuses to Attack and Magic.
*** Chain minimal Attack Bonus, No Magic Bonus
*** Scaled has slight magic penalty.
*** Plate Moderate Attack Bonus, Penalizes Magic

-Enchanted: Minimal Defense with Exceptions. No Hit Rate Bonuses, Agility Bonuses minimal. Headwear has Minimal Luck bonus, HP Bonus Minimal
MP Bonus is MASSIVE. Attack Penalty with High Magic Bonus. Moderate Counter Bonus. Evasion Penalty.

Shield Functionality
Small- Slight Defense/Magic Defense Bonus. Bonus to Agility at expense of Luck. Slight/Moderate Evasion/Counter Bonus. Slight Attack Bonus.
Large- Moderate Defense Bonus/ Slight Magic Defense Bonus. Slight HP Boost. Moderate/Slight Evasion/Counter Bonus.
Tower- Large Defense Bonus/ Magic Defense Penalty. Magic/Attack/Luck/Agility/Max MP Penalties. Large HP Bonus. Massive Evasion/Counter Bonus/Penalty

Weapons go like this:
12 Weapon Types:
-Clubs -Bows -Staves
-Axes -Swords -Katanas
-Knives -Polearms -Gloves
-Throwing Weapons -Guns -"The 13"

Weapon Functionality:
***Most weapons enjoy a chance to inflict "Bleeding" a state much like poison, just harsher.***

-Clubs aren't meant for killing, thus low damage BUT High chance to Stun. As a defensive weapon, these excel. Weighty, this equates to an agility

-Bows are versatile weapons meant for killing a foe at long range. Thus, bows will have Agility Bonuses. They can be unwieldy, thus there is a defense penalty. Slight hit rate bonus.

-Staves = Magic. 'Nuff Said. Staffs in general are surprisingly adept as defensive weapons IRL.

-Axes are meant to maim and intimidate. This translates to a large damage rate with a good chance at inflicting bleeding. Their weight also means there's an agility penalty.

-Swords are your basic weapon. Enjoying moderate damage, their versatility gives a slight bonus to defense and agility.

-Katanas. These are MEANT to cut, bleeding rates are higher than most weapons, and they enjoy slightly higher damage rates than a sword. They are, however, difficult to defend with against large foes and weapons. This means a penalty to defense. Moderate agility bonus though, as Katanas are wonderful for misdirecting the opponent- Not all Katana fights are like in movies with men just staring at each other awkwardly.

-Knives are agile weapons for agile people. It takes skill to actually cut someone with it in battle. This translates to an agility bonus
and a luck/hit rate penalty. Obviously, they're not even as strong as a sword, but higher tier weapons do surpass blunt weapons.

-Polearms are wonderful defensive weapons, and skilled warriors can inflict some havoc with them. Unfortunately, their length and, often, weight
make them difficult to maneuver with. These guys will reduce your Evasion Rate, Agility, and Counter Rate.

-Gloves are weird, some have high bleeding chances, others have low. That's because some are metal or have spikes, whereas others are just good 'ol
cloth or Leather. In that sense, you wear two, and they're lightweight. That means you get two hits and an agility bonus. Martial Artists also have
some kickass defensive techniques, but are still pretty defenseless. Counter Rate Way Up, Defense Way Down. It's also really hard to miss a punch.

-Throwing Weapons have pretty average hitting power, but it varies by weapon. It's hard to defend with them effectively, mainly because you THROW THEM AT THE ENEMY. This means defense penalties. You also need a lot of skill to hit someone with them, this means luck/hit rate penalty. However, their disposability makes it easy to maneuver around the battlefield, so evasion and agility go up. Larger throwing weapons and explosives take a sizable hit to counter rates as well.

-Guns include both Firearms and Crossbows. Defense is pretty nil on these guys, but attack is MASSIVE. Most are heavy and/or slow to reload, and with guns you'll almost always be the last to get to hit the enemy, so that damage is worthless if you don't survive. Skill isn't really needed to hit things, so Hit Rate is wonderful along with the Luck Bonus. Smaller guns have Agility bonuses and vice versa. Counter is nil except on Semi-Auto/Auto weaponry. They're also great at breaking bones, inflicting bleeding, and intimidating the enemy.

-"The 13" are special weapons that tie in with the story on several occasions. These are pretty much just OP God Weapons. Each one is vastly
different, and some actually reduce your Attack skill drastically. In any case, only those selected by the Gods and Grim Angels/Descendants
of Grim Angels can use them.

Tell me what you guys think about that massive wall of text eh?
I'll also factor in luck into physical attacks to give it a bit more unpredictability.