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Chastitas: The Broken La...
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Tester's Version 3.8

Hey, sorry about the delay. I took a rest n my bed 'cause my back was killing me, and passed out XD

To get Shinoken, the Sage, you need to clear Telbooze Manor.
The boy, Tensai, you get in the Aquifer Tunnels under Nairikuno.
That's a my bad for not clairifying.

Okay, so I'll fix that immediately. That's a nice bug leftover from the Aesthetics Update. Thanks for that catch, I'd have never thought there'd be one there.

Fixes'll be up once the compression and upload is done. I'll send that PM over; no worries about me falling asleep this time, I'm caffeinated, in a proper chair, and pumped on working!

Wish me luck!

Tester's Version 3.8

In the manor when you go downstairs you cant come back up.

If you try to go down the stairs to the right you are prevented.

Also I forget where, but inside the Manor you can accidentally walk onto the outside tiles and walk all around the perimeter but you cant get back off.

Remember in the ORIGINAL game, Kenshi taught Muzai and her dad FIRST AID but because Tester Barrels got us past that, Muzai never learned her spell.

At Kenshis house Muzai is always sleeping and once awakened will rerun the entire scene repeatedly even though you already heave Muzai in the party.

At the oasis the game crashes if you talk again to the man who gave you two fish.

Also if you return to the bandits hideout to get those chests you missed by using the Tester Barrel, you can get them but you cant get back outside.

In Pacquios house if you beat him you get a Travelers Mug but if he defeats you, you dont. I dont know if this makes any difference one way or another, but worth mentioning.

The manor was a way of letting you back up once you defeat the boss, so I may have forgot to add a way to go back up manually XD

The blockage was a leftover remnant from when I was testing those. I'll delete that.

I'll keep that in mind, but I'll need to know where its at the next time you do a run-through to fix it.

Muzai never learns First Aid in the first place, if I recall, she says it's too complicated ;D.

The Kenshi's House scene is pissing me off. I'm still trying to find a way around that. It might need to be fixed with the same fix I used for the Elder's house prematurely letting you in. I'll get right on that.

That fish guy is pissing me off too. I wonder what's causing that crash...
Figured it out! There was an old faceset I used on him still set for the Dialogue. I'll just need to set that back to normal, and that'll be all fixed.

Haa~ My bad. You were never meant to be able to get out manually, so I forgot to put an exit. I'll get that in now.

Defeating Pacquiao is supposed to net you the Mug, losing is supposed to deny the optional teammate for the Second Saga, so that's intended.

Phew! Those bugs were a HELL of a lot easier to fix than last time. Either that, or I'm getting better at this XD

Keep up the good work. I'll shoot you a PM when the next update is out.

Tester's Version

Alright, for the TB's, that's probably an error on my end. Yeah, looking at it now, forgot to set a Fade In.

Item shop guy is having a spasm attack? Okay, looks like in my beginner-ness I tried making a custom route rather than giving him a stepping animation.

Guard freezing was because it had "Wait" set. If you talked to him from the left, he moves left, and you're kinda in his way XD I fixed it so that he'll move after you get out of his way.

Eldridge Manor is yet to be completed. If you're talking about Telbooze Manor, I'm gonna look at that now. Alright, you shouldn't be able to go inside the Elder's House without Muzai in your party. Alright, totally forgot to turn off the switch that blocks you from getting in Telbooze's Manor. You should be able to get in there now.

The Lungfish Tooth is pretty weak statswise, so that's why it's showing up negative. Try taking off their current equipment and putting on the other one.

The quest for the Aquifer Tunnels is yet to be completed as well XD There's like, two major events in the town of Nairikuno that occur before you get to go down there.

No idea what happens with the Fish Guy. It all looks stable on my end.

Alright, forgot to set Conditional Branches as to whether or not Shinoken was in the party. BTW, the sage's name is Shinoken :D. And yes, you're not supposed to go in there without him.

Okay, I'm gonna set up the Tester's Barrels and the Tester's Chest and then compress it. I'll send you a PM when it's good to go.

Chastitas: The Broken Land

Aesthetics Update Version 3.1 is now out. Hopefully this one's bug free :D

Hotfix #3 and Roadmap

I coulda SWORE I got the shower bug! I'll take care of that shortly.
You mentioned using an old save and ran the old buggy scenes with Kodai right? Use the Tester Barrel I mentioned in the PM to cycle the characters and switches. That should fix the double Muzai glitch, as well as the lack of Kenshi. That had to do with the 4th page of the event not running do to forgetting a self-switch prior.

I'll get the barrel set up shortly and fix the shower bug and I'll upload Ver. 3.1

Edit: I DID fix the Shower glitch, I just forgot to put it on EVERY part XD

Hotfix #2 and Contemplation

Ok...great and thanks!
Did you mention where Kenshi went....I cant go into the Passages without all three and succeed in beating the boss.
What is past the Passages or is it the demo end?

Now this I've fixed the bugs, but I haven't uploaded the executable, (I noticed quite a few more bugs on my playthrough.) I'll have to upload it tomorrow.

I've just fixed where Kenshi dissapears, I failed to set up some self-switches that would activate the last page that would send you to an event outside, thus putting Kenshi BACK into the party.

After the Cursed Passages, naturally you'll head to Nairikuno. A bunch of shit will go down, Shinoken almost gets killed, you stop a Coup d'Etat, and you'll be admitted into the Aquifer Tunnels. From there, you answer three riddles, (Multiple Choice!) to get into the Aquifer Temple and get Tensai. More shit goes down. Flashbacks. Some dramatic shit goes down. We have some Dramatic Irony mixed in, then you have to re-traverse the Cursed Passages, get smashed by Gleam Eyes, Lose Shinoken, get your ass smashed AGAIN by the driving Antagonist, Kukyona rescues your ass, Telbooze gets conquered, you get to go through Dynastic Roads.

At the end of the Dynastic Roads, I'll conclude the last demo. Nairikuno, The Dynastic Roads, and all the Scenework are the biggest hurdles here, so it'll take at least a month to get it all finished. Luckily, I'm gonna have a lot of time off soon, so I'll be able to get a majority of it done.\

And that's pretty much everything that happens post Cursed Passages! As of the current demo though, there's not gonna be much post CP, minus the wholly uncompleted Nairikuno.

Oh, and congratulations, Lead Tester! ;D
You'll be the first one to play most of the last demo, as well as everything that comes post Dynastic Roads.

Keep up the bug hunting man!

Hotfix #2 and Contemplation

Alright, quashed the Nairikuno Teleport bug, it was what I thought it was XD
Oasis dialogue is now logical...
Shinoken's Intimidate Spell is now in English.
Nairikuno and the Eldridge Estate should be exitable now, but both are nowhere near completion as of yet. Gonna do a playthough now to test the scenes prior to the Cursed Passages. Cursed Passages themselves seem pretty stable.

BTW youre welcome...Id rather you just say someone helped w/o actually mentioning me by name. I like finding bugs. Dont worry I will keep looking.

I'm thankful man! I'll make sure to keep you anonymous from now on ;D
If you'd like, I'd like to make you an official tester as well, so that way you'll get the sneak peek at everything that comes after Nairikuno, the Aquifer Riddles, the Aquifer Temple, and the Dynastic Roads.

Hotfix #2 and Contemplation

That's Shinoken. Elder Kodai is the old guy who gives you a bunch of exposition.

Other than that gripe, I'll have all of those taken care of by 10:00 PM EST.

Nairikuno and the Eldritch Estate are in-progress, thus the description as "wholly unfinished." You're free to explore it, but it's going to be empty for a while. I won't be starting any more legitamate work until the 28th around 5:00 PM EST.

In any case, those random teleports to Nairikuno are getting on my nerve. I'm pretty sure I had killed all of them, but I'll run through Kenshi's House and the scenes related to it as soon as I get back to my computer. I'm pretty sure it's related to me completely recreating the map for Kenshi's house, but not changing all of the teleports. Playthroughs on my end are necessary to test this though.

Thanks for all the bug searching Roy! Without you, I'd have been completely unable to find at least half of them.

Wish me luck!

Chastitas: The Broken Land - Aesthetics/Extension #2

Oh I meant to ask...between the different demos I mkust have missed it,but when did Shinoken show up? Suddenly he seems to pop up momentarily and say something then disappear again. I dont remember him joining or anything. The bugger ought to at least fight and help out!
Also in the beginning you said this was your first I feel bad mentoning these things....but at least they are all pretty much fixable and it only makes you a better game maker! If I didnt like the game I wouldnt bother telling you stuff I find. I think you are doing great!

The houses ALL have problems? I must've uploaded the wrong executable, as it all seems fixed on my end.

Ahh yeah, that's the problem I think, with just using old saves. Shinoken isn't there! In any case, you can probably fix that just by using the urn on the bottom floor of the Telbooze Manor, and then talking to the old fellow that pops up on the beach. I forgot to implement a fail-safe if you didn't find him into the Cursed Passages. My bad. Looks like I got quite a bit to fix eh?

In any case, I'm going to need to do multiple thorough playtests on my end to ensure I haven't missed anything, so don't expect that hotfix until Friday >.<

However, I could have it out by Thrusday, or even tomorrow if you could identify exactly which house it is;
I.E.-If it's in Pacquiao's house, Shinoken's, Kenshi's, one of the shops, etc.

Chastitas: The Broken Land - Aesthetics/Extension #2

At the oasis, when you ask about directions, he doesnt respond
In the cave to the north so far, all of the gold in the carts give 120 denaari.
Also in the south town when you go to the roof at the weapon shop and go back down, you are caught in the walls down stairs.

I'll check the Oasis guy; I haven't looked at him since I started making this.
I'll randomize the gold drops, as it seems it failed to work as intended.
It looks like Telbooze doesn't like you, eh Roy? I'll give it a look.
Looking at your PM's, getting murdered by those monsters seems to be partially your fault, as Kenshi's Master Skill, Guardian Rage can only be used with a sword.
Despite this, I think I'm going to start allowing you to lose boss fights, with some consequences. I'll scale the mini-bosses there down a bit after I run a test by them, to see if there's a balancing issue. It also looks like I forgot to go fix the bugs for the Elder's House.As for the weapon in the rock, I accidentally hit exit instead of apply while making weapon lists several times, (Stupid me.) In any case, I'll check that, along with reducing or eliminating monsters from the puzzle in the Cursed Passages.

Thank you for all the bug reports Roy; my only complaint is that I have to dig through your comments to find them. In any case, I'll get on these right away, though it may take a while.

If you could, tell me precisely which buildings are giving you bugs, as well as the levels of your characters and their equipment. This'll help in balancing.

I should have the hotfix out once I take a look at all of the problems; it'll come much faster with your cooperation, Roy. Thanks again!