Im a games collector and programmer.
I love Yu-Gi-Oh, coffee and video games.
I surf and skate.
The Dungeons of Mysteria
A procedurally generated dungeon crawler


Dungeon View Maker

I've just released my second tool.
This one generates the images used for oldschool pseudo 3D Dungeon crawlers like Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder.

Should I add this to the tools?

Character Studio

I started work on a little tool to make it easier for me to make my sprites but then I thought it was a pretty good tool that others might find useful so I've been expanding it to be even more useful and easier to use.

I know super man does not wear gloves but I really felt like he did :P
A lot of these sheets were made by modifying other sheets, for instance the symbol on his chest is a white t-shirt colored yellow and cut down and then another colored red and cut down. and his blue suit is just another body colored blue with the head cut off.

I know I didn't bother finishing Harleys hair because of laziness.
The tool has frame editing features like Move frame, Stretch frame, Copy/Paste, and selection delete
It also features a color swap program where you can take the colors already in a sheet and switch them for other colors.
You can also choose export styles like sprite order(different RPGMakers use different sprite order) and mask color(I still don't have Alpha working)
You can also merge layers and export as a prefab to create new sheets to be used on other characters.
The program even allows you to add your own Sheets or even complete sets from scratch with your own frame measurements.
I'm almost finished with it and hope to have it released on itch before the end of lockdown

strange download message

I keep getting a strange download message when I navigate pages here on
it says....
What do you want to do with ac.js?

it happens when I change page

Flip3D test

This is a flip3D program so it works the same way as dungeon master or eye of the beholder does except this has a slight difference. This one has multiple levels(I believe thats a world first for flip3D) this one also allows you to place or delete blocks(I believe thats another world first for flip3D)
Its a little slow on some computers because Im loading all images every frame rather than preloading them into memory at the program start(Theres just so many images lol) hence the file size(I found bitmaps load faster than pings)

you get a procedurally generated 32x32 world and it can be 32 high as well. It uses a system similer to voxels to handle the data. Its made in the RPGToolkit.

--Download Link--

I just want to know if its running ok on other computers(Ive had failures to get things made in the RPGToolkit running on other computers in the past)


I'm having problems with submitting my game. it keeps saying I need to check my grammar and spelling but I can't find any problems. I keep changing it but it keeps getting denied.
I don't know who is in charge of accepting submissions so I can't speak to them myself and find out whats wrong.
Any help or ideas?


Hi from Tenerife
Im new here(not to game making though) I love RPGs and pretty much any game genre.
first rpg ever played was final fantasy adventure(mystic quest in europe) on the gameboy.
Im a big fan of the SaGa games on the gameboy(final fantasy legend)
My tools of choice are the RPGToolkit and Blitz3D

I look forward to being part of this community
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