i will eat everything u love




First thing I adore the art, it's very, very pretty and stylistic and I love it a lot. The spirit work is also very good, unfortunately that means that the basic rpgmaker assets are very apparent. I think it would look a lot better if you resprited most of them to better suit your style ^-^

Second, there are so many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, to the point where the subject just becomes confusing. It's always good to have a native English speaker run through to ensure it sounds correct

Third, event's occur so slowly and rather oddly, for instance, when you meet the two queens, it would appear look better if they were to enter together, or just be in the middle as soon as you enter (you can see them waiting at the doorways and it looks a bit silly). As well as with Elaise's room and the panda guards, all four have to make their way to their positions, then you have to walk all the way up, and then you have to follow the next panda all the way down before you can go down yourself. Would be better for their to have been two waiting beside the door, who then escort her up to Elaise, after the scene with her, the other panda would escort her back down (possibly fading to black after a moment)

I haven't gotten very far, but these issues are wearing on me a bit, I do like it tho, and I am very curious so I'm very willing to complete it
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