Forsaken Isle

Mixing random encounters with visible encounters is a big no-no.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Also I made the canopies darker like recommended. Do you guys think this is better?

I'd suggest doing something about that forest's floor. The whole map is just too yellow, it even kind of hurts my eyes staring at the picture. I think adding some sort of brownish path would do some good. You have to add more tonalities. Like, if it's supposed to be a forest during autumn, there should still be some green grass and plants. It just looks too weird having the leafs covering the whole ground and all.

The Ledge


Also, I found a glitch while on the ledge. If you walk down you can walk over the building.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@BadLuck I feel like the bust portrait is taking up too much space in the screen. Like, the scene is barely visible as a whole, but that's just my opinion.

Anyway, here's something I have been working on and I'd really appreacite some feedback. I'm working on my first RPG Maker game. It's a basic RPG game, with a simple plot, two playable characters and all. I'm not going into details since this isn't the place, but here are the pictures for the first and only town and its building's interiors: Pictures.


That looks great! Love the custom artwork!

I have a suggestion: perhaps change those bottom roofs a little bit? They seem kind of repetitive. Having two of them perfectly lined up and looking the same, I mean.

How do you design your dungeons?

First I come up with a theme for the dungeon (well, usually). I try to go for two things so say Ice Cave or Floating Mountain or Silver mine Chasm. I then figure if I want it to be structured or more random - so for a mine

Nice! I liked your method! Could you please elaborate on that first picture where you show the general layout of the map using RM assets, like what every icon means? Also, could you show us a picture of the final product?

First Project

I have been creeping around the RPG Maker community since 2013 or so and I have never, NEVER, gotten into finishing a game or even worse, a single map! I have always tried to work on a game but I have always been very unsucessfull. I believe I'm being too ambitions and I keep thinking about what other people will think about my game and whether they would like it or not.

It's time to stop with these insecurities, get me some discipline and finish a darn game!

I'll follow your guide tomorrow and see what I can come up with. This time I'll do it for real and, if you wish, I'll show you my progress!

Nevertheless, thank you very much for this article! As simple as it may be, I feel like it has illuminated me and it fills me with determination!

Beyond the Pale Review


Seems reasonable, I didn't think about that when I gave it that rating. I was taking into consideration the demo as whole and not judging it by its lenght, I only addressed it.

In any case, thank you. This is something I should contemplate when writing reviews.

Beyond the Pale


That explains it hahah! You're welcome for the feedback and I'm glad you fixed it. Gonna check the real ending soon!

I actually thought the "Game Over" screen was part of the plot since you are sort of thrown into this abstract world and there's all of this stuff referring to the "truth" and all. Seems like it could turn out to be a very interesting game storywise if you go back working on it, but it can be very confusing if you don't answer these questions regarding the world, "the truth", the characters and all that led up to it.

Beyond the Pale

The game was quite enjoyable, but I couldn't find a way to defeat the final boss without getting a "Game Over" screen. Am I doing something wrong or did I forget something?
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