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I'm a skinny weirdo who draws comics and makes games for fun. I mostly use RPG Maker, but I've also branched out to Game Maker (see Spelunky mods) and Super Mario Bros. X (RMN community games). I put just about all my game stuff here on RMN, and you can find my comics in my gallery at deviantArt.
SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelag...
More Islands = Better



raocow's LP

I'd almost be willing to pass the torch and let someone else lead the way for RMN Bros., but I still have an idea or two I'd like to try out.

Super RMN Land slated for 2027

raocow's LP

Aw, everyone's so inspired while I'm too bogged down with my current project to do anything. Maybe someday I'll be available to host another thing, I just can't afford to divide my attention right now.

raocow's LP

from Illy
I still don't know how Hali did all that craziness.
I'm not sure I know anymore.

Seems like raocow really dug it, so I'm happy.

How long does a submission stays pending ?

Reviews are also usually in the 24-72 hour range.

Bruh I check that queue once a week.

raocow's LP

Yeah, his commentary is very all-over-the-place. There has been the occasional moment where he shares a rational thought, but it seems he just spews random nonsense most of the time.

Critical Hit! (now playing The Lost)

Hey folks, I'm back at it again! I took care of the offsite game I mentioned before, and now we're back on track. Here's the first episode of The Lost:

And the playlist for the rest as it becomes public: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0kClmPQern34qzjTzOWfYtYub0rMyFUA

raocow's LP

Boring? Maybe to the hardcore challenge crowd, but that was never our design goal in the first place. It seems like raocow has been loving it so far.

We the People Review

They are somewhat bare-bones, but they're also functional. I can forgive maps being a little bland so long as they aren't difficult to navigate.

Critical Hit! (now playing The Lost)

A Game Built Out of In-Jokes

The LT has been done for a while, but I only just got around to reviewing it. Before I jump into The Lost next, there's a project for a friend on another site that I'll be LPing first. It shouldn't take long, so I'll be back at this before you know it.

Critical Hit! (now playing The Lost)

All right, the last of Castle Warfare has finally gone live on my channel, and We the People has officially begun.

We the People Playlist

I'm going to dial back my recording frequency a little for now, because here's the thing: if I continue to play at my current rate, the videos are going to get way ahead of where I am in the game, and I don't want that to happen because I prefer organic LPs where the audience can interact to some extent.

I could solve this by uploading twice a day, but I already do that because I have another series running. I'm doing an LP of a rom hack I made of Aidyn Chronicles. That's going to be a doozy and won't end for a while, but I can pick up the pace on RMN games once it's over...unless something comes to replace Aidyn, which is entirely possible.

It's either this or upload three times a day, which is not something I'm up to, so I apologize that it may take me longer to chew through things now. Even so, I hope you're enjoying the coverage.