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End of Winter Review

Interesting! I look forward to seeing this game system more fleshed out.

Hali's Review Thread (Request Your Game!)

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

Ooh, I've made some progress! I didn't have time to check all the songs from The Lost due to technical difficulties, but I updated the list with my findings. I wasn't able to locate the CinematicDrums album, but based on the file names, I believe that is the source because I also found a credits .txt in the game files that isn't too specific, but lists CinematicDrums under music.

Mysterious Building Battle is definitely the song Cosmos from the game Axelay, but I'm not sure where this version came from. It's too high quality to have been from the SNES. It was named 'Armada' in the game files.

True Believers's title is "Battle of the Mind" but I ran out of time to check it more thoroughly.

I'll do more digging next week to find the file names of the remaining songs from The Lost. In the meantime, if anyone feels like digging on their own, here are the music credits sections of these games:

Road to Paradise:

Cerebral Symphony:


The Lost:

\c-Music and Sound Effects-
Padr \cSpecial Thanks!\c - Kairi Sawler - Jeremiah George - Aaron Krogh
Sinakhai - Fred Hawk - Darren Curtis - Joshua Curtis - Ms Littlefish
Luc Stamrah - Eric Matyas - YouFulca - Patrick de Arteaga - Scythuz
Alexandr Zhelanov - CodeManu - HorrorPen and Pauliuw - Bart - JDSherbert
Matthew Pablo - Zander Noriega - Pheonton - Rezoner - Ove Melaa
Little Robot Sound Factory - Artisticdude - Richard John S. - Joel Steudler
Hyde - Feraldy Naufal - Kevvviiinnn - JStewartMusic - MushroomCake28
CinematicDrums - YuNamiKoshi - World Music official - EFJ_Baron

Fleeting Feelings:

And thanks so much for the help and support!

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

Sounds promising! I'll give it a try next time I do my music thang.

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

Sooo, I did some poking around in the music folder for The Lost and I recognized a couple of track titles from those I could identify. However, I can't play the songs from there because they're encrypted into the 'RPGMVO' format which is why I had to record them in-game with Audacity to get them.

ANYWAY, if anyone knows how to convert those to a playable format, I might be able to ID those songs by finding their titles in the folder. Any ideas?

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

Nice investigative work! It especially saves me some trouble since I didn't have time to try the site 'cuz I was busy harvesting battle themes from another game I recently played. ^-^;

It's possible some of the tracks are custom work, but it's questionable for each of the games listed. These are only the tracks I couldn't identify, meaning there are some songs from these games where I was able to locate the source. If they can have original music, it begs the question of why they're also using rips, but ehh, we do what we can.

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

The dev of Cerebral Symphony said he got some of his music from other RM games and doesn't remember the source(s). Unfortunately he was not willing to help more because I did not give him a high-scoring review.

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

There are music sources listed in the credits for some of these, but I haven't had the time to dig into them thoroughly. Hopefully this site will save me some trouble! I'll give it a try later today...

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

Oh hell yeah, that site might come in handy for future tracks!

Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

I appreciate the attempt.