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SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelag...
More Islands = Better



Turovero: The Celestial Tower Review

I was trying to create an even playing field where all routes had a similar probability of occurring for any first-time player.
Mhm, I kind of figured that was the case. The characters need an equal number of opportunities to avoid having some outcomes be more likely. The best I could suggest to avoid it is to space out those opportunities differently.

For example, the ice area had a poem inscription for each hero, but they were all in that area. If they were divided up between the first and second floors, it would feel less symmetrical. However, they could also appear on other floors besides those two. Basically, it doesn't matter where the poems appear as long as the relevant heroes can find their way to them. I think this would work best with more individualized events, though.

It may yet be a few weeks before I start streaming any other routes, but I'll be sure to mention here when/what time they begin. You're certainly welcome to attend!

Super RMN World

It warms my heart that most of the problems are still due to engine limitations. I won't say all of these go away in Yoshi's Archipelago, but I think it's definitely a stronger title.

Chronicling Aidyn 3-23: In Gwernia Again

I'm done putting this on arbitrary hiatuses. I can't promise regular updates like I used to do, but it sure as hell won't be going dark anymore.

3-23: In Gwernia Again

2018: A Doge Odyssey Review

You're welcome! I would've had to give a lower score if you hadn't patched those bugs, so don't feel like you don't deserve any credit. It's also an event game, so a certain amount of jank is basically expected. Just because it could be better doesn't mean it's all bad. ;3

Critical Hit! (now playing Turovero: The Celestial Tower)

I reviewed dogegame too, so we're officially back on track!

The first few sessions of Turovero are already up. This playlist will continue to grow, though I'm certain it's not as long as Theia.

Full Playlist

Critical Hit! (now playing Turovero: The Celestial Tower)

Is this really my first review since last year?

A Solid, Albeit Typical RPG Experience

I'll try to stay on top of these better. Doge review is next!

Let's Try 2018: A Doge Odyssey (Session 1)

Don't sweat it, that was all StormCrow's contribution. I just wasn't expecting a silly doge game to bite back, heheh!

Critical Hit! (now playing Turovero: The Celestial Tower)

Goodness, it's been a while! I finished playing Theia and started playing Doge, but I'm also doing livestreams of Theia as I play through the game again in Hard Mode. That won't stop me from writing my review of it, but I am a little behind on things, so it won't be showing up right away.

In the meantime, here's the first episode of Doge:

2018: A Doge Odyssey

Nice, the adventure can continue! The episodes start appearing on my YT channel today, and I will post the set as media here when it's all up.

2018: A Doge Odyssey

The finished version. I can link you to the videos where I had trouble if necessary, too.

And yeah, StormCrow is gone. He was banned when we found out he was an alt of somebody else.