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SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelag...
More Islands = Better


Ballads of Battle (Do you know these songs?)

Sup peeps, I've been trying to identify the battle themes I heard in some of the RPG Maker games I've covered. Unfortunately, not all of the developers are still around to ask about them, so I thought I'd make a post and see if anyone here recognized the songs. Feel free to give these a listen, and if you know where any of them originated from, please let me know! At the very least, you'll get to hear some cool tunes. :p

Titles listed below are not necessarily accurate. It's also possible these weren't originally battle themes.

Heard in Road to Paradise: The Dragon:

Mini Boss
Lord of the Tower

Heard in The Cerebral Symphony:

Battle Upbeat
Battle Psychotic
Battle Alternative

Heard in Chapelwaite:

Evil Triumphs

Heard in The Lost:

Battle - Under Siege! (???)
Bone Crawlers - Sand and Stone (Sinakhai)
Knowledge - The Final Stand (???)
True Believers - Battle of the Mind (???)
Arena - Filmbeat3 (CinematicDrums?)
Skeletons - Titan (Sinakhai)
Cave Battle - Leviathan (Sinakhai)
Mysterious Building Battle - Armada (Axelay) (ver?)
Hideout Battle - Florana's Battle (Kairi Sawler)
Lone Mountain Battle - Armies Advance (VGM Library Battle Themes)
Mezun Prison Battle - Metalman2 (CinematicDrums?)
Deformed Believers - Metal Bomb (CinematicDrums?)
Sect Leader - Glory Eternal (Darren Curtis)

Bonus Round: Not From an RM Game:

It's Getting Harder
missing_N - Now, Until the Moment You Die (Touhou Reiiden ~ The Highly Responsive to Prayers)

hali, why is your name green?

Because I'm staff now, that's why!

Solitayre has graciously stepped down as RMN's official review denier reviewer, and that title now belongs to me. It was pointed out in the staff forums that no announcement had been made, so...HERE IT IS.

So if you want your reviews on this site, they gotta get past me first, see? I will do my best to serve as a competent and impartial reviewmonger.

That is all. Carry on!

Chronicling Aidyn 3-25: Sort of Seen Off

It's time for my next comic series! Ever heard of Aidyn Chronicles? No? I'd be surprised if you had. There will be an explanatory page for this mess coming next, so I'll leave the description until then.

1st Page: In Conclusion

Prologue: Chronicling Aidyn

Chapter 1: The Poison Stays

Chapter 2: Party Up at Castle Gwernia

Chapter 3:
3-0: The Long Road to Erromon

3-1: The Road, Becan's

3-2: Cry Wolf

3-3: What Sharp Teeth They Have

3-4: Right Back to Gwernia

3-5: Batty Basement

3-6: Rude Awakening

3-7: Not so Open and Shut

3-8: Into the Bat Cave

3-9: Go or Stay

3-10: Inn Keeping

3-11: Chaotic Detour

3-12: Take the High Road

3-13: Cold Encounter

3-14: In Loving Memory

3-15: They

3-16: Over the River, Through the Woods

3-17: Projection of Miss-iles

3-18: One Ring to Name Them All

3-19: The Wrong Man

3-20: Unwanted Guest

3-21: The Fourth School

3-22: Directions

3-23: In Gwernia Again

3-24: A King's Concern

3-25: Sort of Seen Off

Hali's Review Thread (Request Your Game!)

Have these gone out of style? It's been a minute.

Hi. I'm your friendly neighborhood halibabica. I'm usually not too active here on the forums because I'm often bogged down in overbearing community Mario collabs. But those days are behind me and I have time to play some games! I understand we have the {review request} thread already, but what I hope to do here is a little more involved. I am a seasoned game reviewer and I've been at this game design business for Jesus Christ how long has it been by now?

So if you please, sign up to have your game reviewed by me. I'm not picky; I'll play anything I can get to run on a Windows PC. I have a time slot for this every week, but progress will likely be slow as I have many other things going on. You can expect progress updates from me as I play, culminating in the review itself (and maybe some fan art, too). The game must be hosted on RMN and games with no reviews are preferred. I'm unwilling to pay for commercial titles, but I may still do one if provided a free copy. I will always try my best to finish a game before reviewing.

I'm a long haul kinda guy, so don't be scared if the queue gets out of hand. I've crushed mountains before and I've many more ahead. Have at you!

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Who's That Nicknamed Pokemon?! {Season 2 Complete}

A convenient link to the last time I did this.

I'll be managing this season a little differently. To make the game more structured, I'm only going to check this thread once a day. If the correct answer hasn't been found by then, I'll provide a clue. New clues will continue until it's finally figured out.

Guys, I love nicknaming Pokémon. I love it even more than breeding, raising, and getting my ass kicked online. I love it so much that I have a nickname planned for every single Pokémon I intend to raise, which is QUITE A LOT.

So I thought I'd make a game out of it.

Objective: Guess the species of the Pokémon I nicknamed and state the game series the nickname is from.


1. All nicknames are from other video games, save for one notable exception.
2. Pokémon are fully evolved unless otherwise stated.
3. If a name is specific to a gender or form, it will say so.
4. Use of Google is allowed!
5. Only one guess per post. Edits and double posts don't count.
Bonuses: Vary case-by-case, but always relate to info already established.

Guess the Game: 1 pt
Guess the Pokémon: 3 pts
Guess both at once: 5 pts
Bonus answers: 5 pts

This time, I nicknamed my Pokémon...


I don't have multiples of any one thing unless gender is involved.

Alakazam ♂AgahnimZeldaSeiromemSeiromem
Audino ♀Waddle DeeKirbyJeroen_SolBart_Sol
Audino ♂Waddle DooKirby-Bart_Sol
Bibarel ☆Very GnawtyDK-pianotm
Conkeldurr ☆KurlozHomestuck-Bart_Sol
EnteiFoiePhantasy StarpianotmJeroen_Sol
Entei ☆RafoiePhantasy Star-Jeroen_Sol
KricketuneTollawPhantasy StarJeroen_SolSeiromem
PangoroPandebraCrash BandicootBart_SolBart_Sol
RaikouZondePhantasy StarpianotmJeroen_Sol
Raikou ☆RazondePhantasy Star-Jeroen_Sol
Rotom HeatLundsford20X6Bart_SolBart_Sol
SuicuneBartaPhantasy StarpianotmJeroen_Sol
Suicune ☆RabartaPhantasy Star-Jeroen_Sol


We'll resume with another easy one. This time, I nicknamed my Pokémon...Gnawty.

Slow as Molasses

[Poll] Which FF Cid is the best?

from kory_toombs
Next contest, which FF Cid is the best!


I didn't number them so i gues their in numberical order.

Filling the Middle: How to Write the Hardest Parts of your Story.

Inspired by the previous topic of similar ilk, where many cited the middle bits as the hard part to write.

So, you have your protagonist, and your villain just burned down his hometown. Protagonist is reasonably upset and wishes to quarrel with the villain in person. Fast forward and they're killing each other before the credits roll. But how do we get there?!

It's understandable why this part can be tough, especially for a video game. Presumably, the middle encompasses all the game's core content, and the significance of that depends on what you're going for. Short games don't need as much, nor do sandboxes where the main plot line is over in two hours. Stories with lots of characters may need more, and your chosen genre may be a factor as well. Since there are so many possibilities in the realm of game design, I'm going to focus this on general advice.

When it comes to filling out a decent-length game (of any kind, really), I like to follow a principle I call "The Rule of Eight." Whatever form your narrative may take, if you base it on eight increments, you should be okay. They could be anything: eight McGuffins, eight chapters, eight dungeons, eight areas, eight plot points, eight worlds, eight badges, eight Demon Generals, eight My Sanctuaries, seven deadly sins and one final dungeon, whatever! Eight of them should be enough, no matter what they are.

The reason I feel this principle is important is because it helps set the pace for the game's progression without feeling short, but also without overstaying its welcome. Psychologically, eight is an appealing number because of its many divisors. It's also in a unique position among other numbers nearby. 6 may feel too short while 10 may feel too long. 7 is considered a lucky number, but not typical of things to have, if only because it's prime. 9 can be good, but feels like it's pushing it or delving into optional content. This is just my opinion, mind you, but I feel that it makes sense.

But that alone isn't going to help you fill your game. Having eight ideas is a good place to start, but advancing the plot in a way that makes sense is another. This is where creative writing becomes Very Important. For your story to make any sense, you need to write it believably. This is actually where things get slightly easier, because you can apply logic to the process. You have a protagonist and they probably have a goal. Thus, their actions should be catered toward accomplishing that goal. Protag wants to make villain pay for burning his family alive, but they can't reach villain because villain is hiding in Big Bad Castle on the other continent/under the sea/in space/in hell. And yet, the means for protag to get there do exist, however convoluted they may be. That's why you decide the means by which this task is accomplished and create the bread crumb trail that leads the protag on their way. The obstacles that lie between the protag and their goal are your middle content.

The last piece of advice I have for you is this: make your story character-driven. The events that take place should be consequences of the actions taken by the characters involved. This is another aspect that helps believability: characters make choices dictated by their personalities and goals, and those choices cause reactions from other characters they affect. The plot may demand that protag march down to the 30th layer of Forlorn Mine, but it isn't worth jack if the protag has no personal reason for doing that. Designing the plot to be goal-oriented and understanding your characters' motivations are key to making the story coherent, and that's why filling the middle can be such a challenge.

So what's your approach? I'd be curious to hear others' takes on this matter.

Spelunkying Bonus Page: High Scores

For those who don't know, Spelunky is an indie game by Derek Yu. The original game doesn't have a proper story of its own, so I wrote one for it using elements from the game's world. It's been pretty well received, so I hope you like it!

These links go to Comic Fury where the chapters can be read more fluidly.


Chapter 1: That's How It All Started

Chapter 2: A Lush Load to Bear

Chapter 3: The Cold Depths

Chapter 4: In Ruins


E-1: Desperate Despot

E-2: Falling Action

E-3: Nice to Meet You

BONUSU: Here's the Score

Who's That Nicknamed Pokemon?! {Season 1 Done}

Guys, I love nicknaming Pokemon. I love it even more than breeding, raising, and getting my ass kicked online. I love it so much that I have a nickname planned for every single Pokemon I intend to raise, which is QUITE A LOT.

So I thought I'd make a game out of it.

Guess the species of the Pokemon I nicknamed and state the game series the nickname is from.


1. All nicknames are from other video games (with one notable exception).
2. Pokemon are fully evolved (unless otherwise stated).
3. If a name is specific to a gender or form, it will say so.
4. Use of Google is allowed!
5. Only one guess per post. Edits and double posts don't count.
Bonuses: Vary case-by-case, but always relate to info already established.

Guess the Game: 1 pt
Guess the Pokemon: 3 pts
Guess both at once: 5 pts
Bonus answers: 5 pts

Current: This time I nicknamed my Pokemon...


I don't have multiples of any one thing unless gender is involved.

Butterfree ☆TiptronMarioN/AKloe
BuzzwoleChattur'ghaEternal DarknessBart_SolAltered
CarnivineKalle DemosZeldaSeiromemBart_Sol
DoubladeSoul EdgeSoul CaliburKloeSeiromem
ElectivireHildeltPhantasy StarKloeKloe
Electivire ☆HildetorrPhantasy StarN/ABart_Sol
Hypno ♀NastasiaMarioAlteredKloe
Jellicent ♀KulalaCave StoryBart_SolAltered
Linoone ☆NellyKirbyN/AKloe
Mamoswine ☆MastablastaMarioN/ABart_Sol
Mr. MimeGenoMarioKloeKloe
Mr. Mime ☆♥♪?!MarioN/ATungerManU
NihilegoUlyaothEternal DarknessBart_SolAltered
PheromosaXel'lotathEternal DarknessBart_SolAltered
Sawsbuck SmSamasaZeldaBart_SolBart_Sol
ShiftryDeku ScrubZeldaSeiromemBart_Sol
Shiftry ☆Mad ScrubZeldaN/ABart_Sol
WhismurPols VoiceZeldaKloeAltered


So let's start with an easy one, okay? This time, I nicknamed my Pokemon...Bombchu. In this form, at least.
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