Trying to make a 30 hour western RPG with an RPG Maker engine; kill me now.
Relas: Chaos of the Real...
An old school western-style RPG set in a rich and detailed world where choices have consequences.



Relas: Chaos of the Realms

I'm still not giving up on this project, it's just been on the backburner for a long time as other hobbies and real life stuff take precedence.

It's been so long since I worked on the game that it's almost as if I'm looking at someone else's work sometimes. What I need to make any progress going forward is a unified, extensive design document - which I should have done at the very beginning. :)

I'm also going to need a lot of help from some very thorough playtesters in the future catching unfinished quests and bugs and whatnot. But I WILL finish this project. :D


Huh, that's a new one. Maybe it's a sign this is getting popular!

Relas: Chaos of the Realms

Got a script for the save menu now, thanks for the suggestion. It's something I had meant to do and never got around to.

Relas: Chaos of the Realms - VX Ace Alpha

Thanks! Some of the quests aren't completable at the moment. If you get a message that says "Demo over" that just means you've gotten your reputation to a certain level to trigger a quest that I haven't put in yet. Other than that, let me know if you find any bugs or annoyances.

Relas: Chaos of the Realms

Thanks. :)
It's coming along quite nicely.


Looks cool, even though I hate puzzles. :/

There are going to be a lot of puzzles in this game. :D
Most of them will be optional though, and for the ones you have to beat to complete the game I'll make a puzzle spoilers page.


It's a little too blurry, yeah. I'll adjust it a bit.

Linearity OK? Are choices important?




My theory for rpg design is a balance between ff13 and ff12. I want the game to be linear just enough for me to balance gameplay and plot, while attempting non-linearity in specific, controlled regions throughout the game.

I like choices, and I like giving choices to the player, but you got to keep balance in mind. Bite off more than you can chew, and play testing your game will become a nightmare and a half.

On the Western RPG side of things, I'm currently playing The Witcher and I'd say it pulls off the balance between linearity and nonlinearity almost perfectly for me. It's a very story focused game, but there's a lot of side content and hidden loot that you would never find if you didn't bother to stray from the critical path a bit. The game opens up even more in Chapter 3 and 4 when you have more zones available to you.

It also has some fantastic examples of choice and consequence, as well.

What Kind of Game Would You Like To See On-Site?

I'd like to see more Western-style RPGs on here. That's why I'm making one.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Might and Magic VI. I think this game really nailed the difficulty curve - it's a challenging game, but it never gets too frustratingly hard. There's a real sense of accomplishment you get when you finish clearing out an absolutely massive dungeon.