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On this day in 2009...

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does anyone believe that I would feel guilty asking for help like this, like I am taking unfair advantage? because that's how I feel. Plus, there is the knowledge that I'm taking forever on this and that it is doubly-unfair that any help someone offers won't see the light of day for a long long time
There's a difference between "Dev who has never touched a game engine before and asking for five figures on kickstarter" asking for help, and "Dev who has completed multiple games and has 60%+ of this one done" asking for help. Part of the reason people want to help is because your project -does- have a chance of seeing the light of day.

You've proven that you can manage a project. That's a skill that many devs sorely lack.
I should have asked for five figures on kickstarter. Then I'd have a whole host of people to disappoint!

Hey, maybe you should start a patreon and put out a playable demo for a bit of the game on steam, Itch.io or gamejolt; just to show that you have a product that has potential. But I should point out that maybe you should remove some stuff, so the demo doesn't contain spoilers (don't use Events to a point to end the demo, just remove stuff).
PS: Just so you know, Rpg 2000 and Rpg 2003 cannot be encrypted, for some RPGMs you can datamine datafolders to check damage formula, weapons, armor and stats; but you can always encrypt pictures and other things. In other words: Rpg 2000 and Rpg 2003 you can copy and paste the entire game from Steam. This is why many say that Rpg2000/2003 is a bad idea for games you want to sell.
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