Dear Mariko

Really nice short game!

Here are my thoughts on some of the earlier comments...

I didn't find the true ending confusing at all. I felt it was very clear that you were actually playing as the stalker. It also made all of the observational comments make sense ("I wish I could throw these flowers out" etc.)

As for Mariko's actions being confusing when she came in, I felt that the player's perception of her appearance and actions were influenced by the point of view of the stalker. The player wasn't seeing Mariko as she really was or even what she was actually doing, we were seeing Mariko as the stalker saw her. Her point of view was obviously skewed, so who's to say that Mariko even had a knife at all in the true ending? Knowing that the main character is deranged means that nothing in the game can be taken at face value. It makes sense when you think about it that way.
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