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Soul Shepherd

Finally I got this game to work on OSX with the help of CrossOver. I feel that the game is now easier than the first version, due to rally healing skills at the start as well as a strong weapon you could find at the beginning. Still, just when I was careless, I was annihilated by a group of red blobs, so it is still not too easy and constantly putting pressure on the player.

I couldn't find anything on this, but is the skill limit lifted or something? I could learn more than 4 skills at the beginning. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I think I need to play more to find out.

Also, the record of each soul's skills is a great addition. Really appreciate that.

The game is fantastic and I have to that this is much more fun than Shin Megami Tensei IV. Will keep playing and come back with more feedbacks later :)

Jurassic Heart

Wow, thanks for all the comments everyone!

And no, this is not a joke game.

Soul Shepherd

I can't wait. Seriously, I'm looking forward to play this more than Shin Megami Tensei 4 :)


Wow, what's with all the spams O_o;

Soul Shepherd

Rainen, I can assure you that the inn isn't much of a problem later on. It is not easier, but it's harder by giving you a more interesting challenge.

The inn cost is still there to keep pressure on you, but the amount of pressure is lessen and you can focus more on coming up with the strategy to fight the next boss/sub boss.

Soul Shepherd

Good work! Now hopefully I can match it by making some good progress... I'm pretty happy about the game's maps being more than halfway done, I'll definitely be happy to have that aspect over with.

Were you able to reproduce the same character getting hit multiple times in one combo thing? I haven't been able to so far.

Yes, Kerberos always attack me four times. I have the version that Lai Strike bug is still in there though... so maybe it isn't the most update one?

Soul Shepherd

I feel so stupid not knowing that you can't put up more than one barrier at a time :/ Knowing RMXP, I thought it's a problem of not be able to show all the status effect.

Anyway, I finally beat him! That was really really satisfying. This is truly a great game :)

Screenshot of the result of the battle!

I understand your reason though and that thought of 'forcing player to think' did cross my mind as well. I agree that it does work. Now I beat Kobold, then warp back to town and save, so that next time I don't have to deal with him anymore. The walk is a bit more bearable after that. It would be nice to be able to control the encounter rate in the future though. Something like Estoma or Riberama.

Soul Shepherd

Not sure if my strategy is good or not. I still can't kill the boss, but I survived to his last phase.

Party: Harpy, Kappa, Isonade, Rock

1st Turn
Harpy : Shield
Kappa : Aura
Isonade : Heat shield
Roc : Cold Shield

2nd Turn
Harpy : Weak
Kappa : Aura
Isonade : Novice Guard
Roc : Aura

Starting from 2nd turn, he'll announce what elemental breath he'll use to attack you. Harpy is always act first, so you should prepare the other two elements on the first turn, and let Harpy cast the last elemental shield during the second or third turn.

Other than that it's a matter of heal and guard. Kappa always act last so I raise his will and let him use Aura so at the end of the turn, everybody will have enough HP to survive the next turn.

My complain with this battle is, it seems a bit too random. Especially with the Attack, Attack, Wild Fang, Attack. I dont' feel like I survived because of strategy, but more from luck. If the attack is less random, I think it would be more interesting. Currently, the first turn you have to pray nobody got attack twice, or they'll either die or too low in HP, and they'll die later on because you don't have much chance to heal them.

Also, there really should be a save spot that is closer to the boss point more than it currently is. I have to walk three screens everytime I want to challenge him, and some time Kobold respawn and I have to waste more time on it. I don't think this add anything to the game's difficulty, considering your state when you can fight Ceberus. It feels like fake difficulty to me and only waste player's time.

Still love this game though. I wonder if level 23 is too low to fight him? :/

Puipui to the Rescue

Everything you make is very professional.
By the way, what happened to Adolescence? Is that project still alive? (It better be!)

Thank you! I'm flattered >///< I'm still far from professional though but I hope I get closer to it every game I make :)

As for Adolescence, it's still alive! We're porting Grace's Diary from Flash to Unity, and during the process I have developed a visual novel scripting language to be used in Unity. After I finish with Grace's Diary, I'll have this scripting engine that can be used again in Adolescence.

Basically, I'm going to finish small games this year where each small game will have some components that contribute to big projects. This way, I'll keep the game coming while being able to reduce workload from the big project.

Puipui to the Rescue

Sweet! Combining the physics of miniature golf with -- hedgehogs!? Why hasn't SEGA ripped this off, yet?

This looks pretty rad, Hima! In fact, all of your games are awesome. I'll give this a shot sometime tonight. ^^

Thank you ^ ^ I hope you enjoy it! I'd love to hear feedbacks about puzzle and control so I can improve the game before releasing it :)
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