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NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

Wow! Even though it crashes a lot, but the game is pretty well done. I had an experience in making a fighting game with AI before and I know it isn't easy. Good job, Felipe_9595!

I have to say I don't like embed video when there are this many. What do you think about making a playlist in youtube and you link to that instead? This way you just need one link and it's much easier to watch one part after the other.

Also, is it ok to ask for a request in here? I read the first post and I couldn't find any info on how to make a proper request :S

Anyway, I'd love to see you do a LT video of Puipui to the Rescue if that's ok with you!

Puipui to the Rescue

Sweet! Combining the physics of miniature golf with -- hedgehogs!? Why hasn't SEGA ripped this off, yet?

This looks pretty rad, Hima! In fact, all of your games are awesome. I'll give this a shot sometime tonight. ^^

Thank you ^ ^ I hope you enjoy it! I'd love to hear feedbacks about puzzle and control so I can improve the game before releasing it :)

Splitting one large game into multiple smaller games

Yes, you can do that since RMXP, actually. I remembered doing something like that. I'm sure it'll be easier with RMVXAce with XML/JSON/YAML serializing libraries.

I think I've seen a JSON script here on this site, actually. You could serialize whatever you need to save into a JSON string, then write the encrypted JSON string into a file. Loading would be as easy as loading back the string, parse it to Hash or Array object, then check for variables you need.

EDITED : Found the script -> http://rpgmaker.net/scripts/187/

What to do?

If you have no experience in coding and designing at all, I'd recommend you to start from something simple like Scratch : http://scratch.mit.edu/

While it isn't like RPGMaker, it help you focus on building logical thinking skill that is required in working with any future game development applications. RPGMaker can be overwhelming with so many things in database. How events are represented isn't that very good either. Scratch interface is similar to RPG Maker's event system, except that it is shown in a much more user-friendly manner.

After you've played with Scratch until you understand important concepts in programming like program flows, condition, loop, etc., you'll learn any game development tool much faster.

Good luck!

Splitting one large game into multiple smaller games

The only problem that I found with these is that save files become defunct if you do major script updates like fixing a bug and all those stuff :(

Careful design of how to load and save your game can avoid this problem. Always check whether the save file can provide what you want before using that data, and provide a default value in case it's missing.

Still, this is not an easy task and I can see how this become a big problem when you overhaul some parts in the game :/

Puipui to the Rescue

This is so cute~ >.<;

I want a hedgehog now...

Thanks, Liberty! The game's up now so you could see them in actions :D

And yeah, hedgehogs are cute! They're also easy to take care of, which is very suitable for a lazy folk like me. :P


It's rarely only about dealing damage. Almost all actions (in games that utilize these types of systems) generate threat.
I understand that part, I'm talking about what happen to a character who generates high threat.

Without categorized threat applied to my scenario above, both Succubus and Golem would attack Alex.


One thing I'm wondering about this threat system is, why is it always about dealing damage?

I think it would be more interesting if each enemy has different ways of dealing with threat.
Example Scenario :
Gloria heals the whole party, increasing her threat level. Alex sees that Gloria is in danger so he use Provoke to increase his threat level. Succubus, however, see that Alex is a physical-based character. Comparing two threats, she think that Gloria should just shut up and let the party take damage like warriors so she cast Silence on Gloria. Golem, on the other hand, is stupid and angered by Alex's Provoke, so he doesn't care what Gloria does and his goal is now to bury Alex into the ground.

This way, it won't be too obvious which character should be a tank. Anyone can be a tank if the situation is called for. You can be a tank for damage, a tank for status effect, etc.

Unity3D Mobile licenses are free until April 8th

Everyone should do this, so there'll be more Unity users around here. It can gets pretty lonely, you know. (; w ; )

Splitting one large game into multiple smaller games

I've been wondering about this as well. I guess it'd work with an RPG with a long story, but the game I'm going to make next is an action game and the story isn't that long.

So my plan is to release in a stack ,like King of Games has mentioned, but also add a save transfer that allow people who already play the earlier version to continue their progress. Though I think in my case, it's more like I'll be updating my demo, rather than releasing a small stand alone game as one chapter.

I also suspect that we'd have to do some kind of level cap as well, or else players can keep on grinding in the first chapter and things will become too easy in the following chapters.