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My Game's identity has been stolen

Hi, everyone! Hima's here. Long time no see!
I've been away for so long. Been working and trying this and that. Anyway, a few months ago, I've decided to quit from being a research student and go full time indie game developer. Couldn't be any happier!

So I was thinking about remaking USG, the good old rmxp shmup game of mine. The thoughts of remaking it made me googled the game to collect review and thoughts of players that play the game. But then found this

Click Here

Apparently, someone submit the game to Desura's Indie Database. I was shocked and confused, because this is the first time something like this happen to me. I mean, I've heard of Art Theif, but not Game Theif!

I tired reporting the game as well as the user, but seems like report system would work only if the report count is high enough. I've also sent a message to the staff, but nothing happen yet. I posted a nice comment talking about how this is my game, but the guy deleted it(the one who stole my game's identity)

So I'd like to ask for help and suggestion. What should I do? Or if anyone has a Desura account, could you please help me reporting this game and this guy so that the staff will start some investigations?

Thank you

[Action-Puzzle] DotPLUS


In year 2XXX, there is a rumor of a super computer called 'The Babel' that can grant you any wish if you get to its deepest core. You take a role of one of the most intelligent hackers with yourown hacking tool called "DotPLUS" that turn any security system into just a simple series of mathematics. However, breaking into the core of The Babel will be more difficult that you could imagine.

How deep could you go? Will you be able to get into the core of The Babel?


Left Mouse - Decide/Select Block
Right Mouse - Cancel/ Restart Block Selection
Mouse wheel up - Temporary fasten the blocks speed/Start the explosion

How To Play


- Clicking on blocks will add the block value to 'Current Sum'
- Match 'Current Sum' to the 'Target Sum' and all the selected blocks will be ready to explode
- Before the blocks explode, if you can form another group that makes 'Current Sum' matches the 'Target Sum', you'll start a 'Chain Combo'
- Once all the blocks are exploded, the new target sum will be releftsented.
- Once any blocks touch the top, you have 5 seconds to eliminate the blocks to get yourself out of this danger situation. Failing to do so will result in game over.

- If you want to play in fullscreen mode, open display.ini with a text editor and change the number to 1

- The more number of blocks used to match the sum, the higher the score you'll gain. So save the longest combination for a higher chain would be a better choice.

- Utilize "0" blocks wisely. They add nothing to the sum but they increase the number of blocks used , which mean higher score! However, not using them might fill your screen with a useless 0 and give you a game over :O



P.S. I can't submit this game to the site since I didn't use any of the engine in the list :/ What should I do in this case?

[Experimenting Game] RGB ~Draw The Bullets~

The exams is coming up and I probably have no time to work on this anymore, so here it is! It only consists of one stage though :( With 4 different difficulties to choose. Any comments are appreciated :)

Gameplay video




Mouse movement - Move you character
Left Click - Draw
Right Click - Change Color
Spacebar/Shift - Hold to enter MIX mode/ Release to enter PAINT mode.

How To Paint

- Once any of your color meter is filled (Either it says 100% or you can see from the meters on the right hud), you can draw with that color. Right click to switch to that color, you can tell which color you're using from the color of your

- Press left button and hold to start drawing. You have to move your mouse cursor out of , come back to , and release left button while the cursor is inside . While you're drawing, the color meter will keep on decreasing. And if you can't make it back to before the meter runs out, your drawing will fail.

- Once you move your mouse around during drawing, you'll see the marker. If there are too few markers when your drawing cover a pretty large area, your drawing will fail.

- A successful drawing will result in any bullets inside the drawing area will be painted. Painted bullets act differently depending on the color effect, which are as the following :
Red : Reflect the bullets back
Green : Turn bullets into Power Star
Blue : Slow down the bullets

- If you're in MIX mode, you can paint the painted bullets with different color to mix color and create new color effect. This will cost 50 powers x Effect Level

Effect Level 1 (Cost : 50)
Red + Green -> Yellow : Napalm Ball
Green + Blue -> Aqua : Hyper Power Star
Red + Blue -> Purple : Flying Turret

Effect Level 2 (Cost : 100)
Red + Green + Blue -> White : Alpha Blaster

- If you're in PAINT mode, painting the painted bullets will replace the current effect with a new one.

- Power points affect the following stats
- Your painted bullets deal more damage.
- Your color meter decrease slower when drawing.

- Finish the boss with Effect Level 1 and above will turn all the bullets on the screen into Bonus Star.
- If you paint successfully, you'll become invincible for about 5 frames

The game is for prototype session over shmup-dev.com. Please tell me what you think. Any comments are appreciate since I really want to improve this :) Personally I wanna try using this system with arena shmup (think Geo War) but I want to see how it works with danmaku vertical shmup first.

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

Genre : Shooting RPG
Players : 1 player
Spec : 2.01 GHz, 512 MB of RAM

You are Kyte, one of the pilots in the 'U.S.G' Project. You have been trained by 'The Center' to be prepared for the 'true battle' that lies ahead of you. Though nobody knows what this 'true battle' really is, all they can do is follow the training program and protect their base from the 'invaders'.
Together with his assigned navigator , Len, they have to go through various missions in order to survive. However, the suspicious risen when not only the pilot who fail the mission disappeared, but also their personal navigators as well. Will he succeed in all the missions and survive long enough to find out the truth? And just what is this "U.S.G" project he seems to be into?

The hero of the game. He's young and naive. However, he seems to have a great sense of survival. He love fighting and challenges, but killing is another story for him.

Kyte's personal navigator. She's talkative - VERY talkative. And sometimes that annoys Kyle a bit. However, under the easy-going looks, she's actually a deep person and very clever as well. She'll help Kyte out in many situation, such as informing him about the incoming threats.

Chuck A.K.A. Bulky Chin
One of the pilot in the U.S.G project. Nobody really understand what he's talking since he always talk in a manly powerful way with only just two words like 'Chuck! Happy!' which might mean 'I'm feeling terrific right now to eventually be in the real mission, Wahaha!!' It seems like Kiki is the only one who understand what's he saying.

Chuck's personal navigator. Although she's small and appear to be a little kid, she's actually as old as the other competitor. Still, her childish personality doesn't help proving that fact. She's really attach to Chuck, and since not so many people understand what Chuck say, it turns out she'll do the translator task more often that the navigator's one.

Lynk A.K.A. Pretty Boy
One of the pilot in the U.S.G project. He's obsessed with beauty. Thinking that he's in higher class and more beautiful than the rest of the competitors, it causes bad impression of his to many people. However, he's actually a nice guy, if you can stand all his self-praising. Although he looks like he can't beat anyone in arm-wrestling, he's actually a very clever person and love to destroy his enemies with tricky attack.

Gold D Blumen
Lynk's personal navigator. People also call her Ice Queen, due to her cold attitude. Somehow, she has become a friend of Kiki and Len. She doesn't talk much, and it seems like people prefer it that way since everytime she opens her mouth it's either sarcasm or praising Lynk's and her beauty.

Dr. Ashjee
A mysterious doctor who appear to be the one who's behind everything. But what is her true purpose?

Mrs. M
A mysterious woman who seems to know about the competition. She's Mr. P's wife.

Mr. P
A mysterious man who seems to know about the competition. He's Mrs. M's husband.

:: The Monsters ::
These are the five main targets for your five main missions. A.K.A. The bosses :P
more to come....

- Unique "Strength & Weakness" battle system in shmup game.
- Leveling up your character and develop your character to fit your playstyle.
- Not good at shooting game? Don't worry! Set the difficulty to fit your skill anytime during the game!

Exploited the enemy's weakness!

Your good old normal non-elemental machine gun. It's safe to use, but won't give you any elemental advantages.

The attack of the giant triangle!

Flower Shot

Stay Alert!!

Go through 5 missions with uniques settings.

Difficulty Select, ranking is also different for each difficulty

Stage Result screen

Save & Load Screen.

Pilot Status Screen. Here you can set up your ship before entering any mission. You can alter the level of the weapons and status, if you're up for challenges. (However, you can't go further than your actual current status level and you can't go lower than 1)

Some cutscene during each mission.

Game's Title
*The volume is a little bit loud, so make sure to lower down the volume in youtube player before playing*

"Strengths And Weaknesses" System

"Knock Down" System

"DRD" System

Something to expect in "Hard" difficulty

!!MAY CONTAIN SPOILER - First Boss Test -!!

Strengths and Weaknesses
There are five elements of attack in the game, which are : Non-elemental, Fire, Ice, Electric and Wind. Each enemy has their strengths and weaknesses that will cause them to react differently to these five elements. For example, enemies who are strong against fire will take less damage from fire attack. But if they are weak against ice, they'll take at least double damage from ice attack.
However, you can only pick two choices of weapons into the mission. So it's a nice idea to save before you enter any mission.

Knock Down
The bonus of exploiting an enemy's weakness does not only do more damage, but also there's a chance that the attack will knock them down. When an enemy is down, the enemy will be vulnerable and do nothing for a short period of time, leaving you more time to retaliate, or help decreases number of bullets on the screen.

Rave and D.R.D
Everytime you attack or kill an enemy, you'll recieve some rave point which you can see the progress in the rave guage. Once the guage is full, you'll get one R-stock for spending to use DRD.
DRD is a defensive device that you can select one and only one before entering the mission. This range from a sheild, protecting you from bullets for a short period of time, to a shockwave that will wipe out all bullets in the screen.
Knock down an enemy will also give you rave point bonus.

High Risk High Gain
Once you killed an enemy, all the bullets it shoot that are still on the screen will become your bonus exp. Thus, one strategy to level up quickly and go for highscore is to have most bullets possible on the screen before killing off any enemy.
Also, if your ship overlap with enemies or bullets, but doesn't hit your hitbox, you'll get extra score and exp also. The longer you can stay in that position, the more score and exp.


Game Page

Game Original Soundtrack

::Click Here::

Scenario & Game Design - Hima
Artworks - Piti

Thanks To
- CyberSam for Input Script
- DerVVulfMan for Encrypt/Decrypt Text Script
- Trebor777 for Read TXT file Script
- Mr.Mo for Mouse Script
- Arevulopapo for Particle Engine


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