Digital Chain Review

Thanks for the review. As of now only 2 people have told me they had gotten the True Ending. So it is possible to achieve, but I admit I needed to spend more time getting that discovery loop to be both more satisfying and helpful. That way you can recognize important information and understand how to apply it.

I’m glad to finally hear this opinion on the game, as I personally wasn’t sure if the game’s writing really landed all that well, or if some parts would become annoying or tedious. So thank you for your honesty, and thanks for giving the game a chance.

Lost Story Review

The graphics were the only redeeming quality I found, but I talked about the graphics in my review and explained why I wasn't so impressed by them. The scenery is attractive when you aren't playing the game. I didn't know this was his first game, but I did say that it felt like one in my Conclusion section.
Maybe I was a bit harsh in giving it 1 star. Since I don't play through many RM Games I didn't have much of a basis to judge by so my thought process was if this game is not enjoyable, give it a low rating. If the 1 star is too shocking, just read why I gave it the rating and ignore how many stars there are.
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