[PLAY] No-RM Event Games

Yeah, for Ploe I added the download link after the event ended. I didn't get enough of it done. But grats to everyone who finished their games, going to try them all out!

No-RM Event

Welp there's no way I can get this boss working in time, might as well move on and add more stuff to jump on top of :P

Super Pantito

Looking good! Can't wait to try it out


That tree sprite looks beautiful.

Wow thanks! Trees are really fun to make haha

No-RM Event

Got my game page up as well: Ploe

Sadly it might end up being just a Demo, but still I learned a lot about Game Maker and that was my goal from the start :P

No-RM Event

I've been struggling to get simple game stuff to work in Game Maker all this time so I have no screenshots for the game page D: - Guess today is an art day!

No-RM Event

Oh I completely forgot there needed to be a gamepage D:
Would it be a problem to submit a page now?

Also @Mirak I'm making a 2d platformer, kinda like Cave Story.

No-RM Event

Must be nice living in the future Mirak ;_;

I've gotten a lot more done than I thought I would. Once I get the hang of enemy AI (in Game Maker), it should be smooth sailing.

No-RM Event

Sweet, this gives me a chance to practice with Game Maker.

Guild of Five Magics

Sounds sweet, gonna try this out right now :P