Are the dungeons supposed to be so empty? Besides the monster spawners there isn't much going on. I've also only ever found money in chests, not sure if that's intended. The majority of the dungeon is a deadend, and you usually come off of a Floor finding a single chest. Then I get to Floor 4 I believe and have to fight a Plant monster that kills me in 2 turns. I even went back to town first and got around 18 additional pts of Defense in gear. I hope you don't expect me to sit at those monster spawners grinding the same slimes, especially since they only give 3 exp.
Right now the game is just boring. I'm not sure why you made it so the Vendor can't sell you Weapons at the moment, since they would be a huge help. I ended up getting to Floor 4, was still level 1 and simply gave up. What you need to work on is motivating the player. You've given me no reason to care about what happens next, or how powerful I can become. Do that and I'll gladly give the game a second chance. Good luck.

Skill Hunter

Very fun little game, would love to see it expanded on. Not gonna lie, I turned Coby into a tank, then straight up maxed Attack on Cody. I was practically one hit killing the final mage bosses with Cody at level 5. That's why, although I like the Elemental system you're using, I didn't really find it as efficient as going all out with Attack. Since MP costs were so high, I thought it would be better to stick to physical damage. I ended up only ever needing the Heal skill but only a couple times even for that.

I died a bit on a couple encounters, but once you learn the enemy that needs to be targeted first, the fights become easy. For example, the Mages that Paralyze or Confuse, once you know which one it is, you focus them and the other enemies don't hit too hard even with no points into Cody's Defenses.

If you were to expand the game, you should probably reward less stat points on level up, or how much (numerically) a point will effect stats. I had Coby taking Null damage by nearly all enemies at level 4, and Cody could one shot everything at level 5. Regarding grinding breaking the game, whenever I would clear one of the Trial areas, I would notice how close I was to leveling up, so I would always grind a bit to get that next level. I feel like most people are going to do that on instinct.

Skill Hunter

Looks nice, really want to try it out

Lesser Key Devil

This is pretty fun, just what I was looking for in terms of (RPG) RM games. It really reminds me of the first 2 Shin Megami Tensei games with none of the confusion and a lot more personality. Pretty interesting dungeon crawl presentation as well, definitely unique. I think I'll give you a bit more time with this before I make a review, keep up the good work.

Lesser Key Devil

Sounds good, can't wait!

Lesser Key Devil

This looks really cool, I'd love to try it out


This looks really awesome.


Didn't really get enough to make a full review I don't think, but here's some of my thoughts on the game. The art and music were very well made and fitting. The scene with The President was very well written, made me smile. That and the Star who wishes he could grant his own wishes. Honestly, for how short the game is, I would say its perfect. There weren't any outright flaws I could come up with while I played. The amount of little details about the world scattered around was fantastic, and really shows how powerful writing can be even in a simplistic setting like this. So, great job with this, would rate 5 stars for sure.

Just wondering though, if the Sloth catches you, you can't go back through the door and get the final key, (I reloaded the game, so I'm not sure) is it possible to continue on some other way without that key?

One last thing! When I launched the game, my computer was practically rejecting the thing. I'm running Windows 7, not sure if that's the only reason, but I had to change the Compatibility settings to 640 by 480 resolution in order to run the game.


This looks really sweet.

Oneshot OST Released

OneShot has a pretty sweet Soundtrack, I'm interested in this.