And I think I see some Persona stuff here as well (not that I played a Persona game; just pops a lot on my dash on Tumblr).

Yeah it's definitely Yu and Yukiko's P4A Sprites.

This looks pretty nice though. Will the camera be zooming in and out during battle at all? The screen just looks a bit cluttered.


Wow. I'd really like to see this in action.


Looks promising, keep it up.

Lost Story Review

The graphics were the only redeeming quality I found, but I talked about the graphics in my review and explained why I wasn't so impressed by them. The scenery is attractive when you aren't playing the game. I didn't know this was his first game, but I did say that it felt like one in my Conclusion section.
Maybe I was a bit harsh in giving it 1 star. Since I don't play through many RM Games I didn't have much of a basis to judge by so my thought process was if this game is not enjoyable, give it a low rating. If the 1 star is too shocking, just read why I gave it the rating and ignore how many stars there are.

Lost Story (HD) Remastered!

This is good! And about my review, much of my negativity stemmed from me being generally excited to play your game, and it was quite disappointing when I finally did. So I wish you the best of luck with this.

Lost Story

I would like to write a review for your game but I'm stuck on finding the final page. Do I have to kill 100 Slimes and beat the shopkeeper's record?

Vision of Despair

Sadly I didn't find any of the humor to be even slightly funny.

I also gave up once I got the winder (Honestly because I have no clue what a Winder is - An image in your missing Inventory or a description would help). One thing you're doing especially wrong is not even that you don't have an Inventory system, its the fact that you jokingly add things to that mysterious Inventory. Even though I was able to, for the short amount of time I played, you can't expect everyone to know when you are joking or not about whether I found a Crowbar or any of the other random items you tell me I just got. If you're going to make an adventure game, don't add a bunch of useless clutter. You can literally interact with everything in this game, meaning that you HAVE to look through everything. This may not sound like a bad thing, but considering that there is little to no way to see what you should be interested in searching, the game boils down to terrible jokes and me pressing Enter on everything in the map. There's nothing fun about that.


This looks very nice. The character sprites are also well done.


Fantastic game, my favorite from the contest for sure. Great job with this.