That looks really nice, especially with the trees in the foreground.


Whaaa instant subscribe.

[Revealed Content] Ghosts: 2 out of 10

Looks awesome! This is actually the first RM horror game I'm really excited for. (Since I'm usually not into horror)


Wow, that looks really nice. You could call it, FRESH.

Outlandish Move

When I read " how well they use the English language will affect their outcome, and possibly their survival. " I was like, wow, i know the English Language. Then I looked at one of your screenshots...

I guess the game isn't aimed at me.

Zehn: Hollow Past

Agreed, the style looks really nice. Keepin my eye on this one.


The art looks great. I haven't seen many Unity games on here, this is looking really nice.

The Intertwined Fate

Looks very cool. The Features sound really fun as well. Good luck with this one!

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4

The game is excellent. Although the timer on sleeping doesn't look too good, I think you should add a time system and have the player keep track of the time that has passed. Also, the exp muscle man is pretty lame lol. But again, the game is great and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Mokensen: The Swordsman

I'd like to see a Mokensen 2 as well
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