HKOz Assal a growing Muslim Egyptian game developer.

My dream is work one day in developing one of Final fantasy games.

I don't care about profit all I care about is that you like my game.

I like Anime (one piece is my number one).



Theme Roulette 2

am in
I mean, technically, it's possible to join the event now. Your name is on the list of entrants. However, I am inclined to point out...


...that you will very probably not get an image/word combo of themes to work with at this juncture. ;_;

damn, I just learned about this yesterday, maybe next time but thanks anyway ;)

Theme Roulette 2

official igmc participation station 2018

I hope that I can do it this time

official igmc participation station 2018

didn't get the chance last time , who is up for a team?

Twisted Fairy Tales

only five days left *panic* XD

Twisted Fairy Tales

Why not!I needed the motivation anyways.

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

One of my favorite already. Really liked its originality. Loved the bgm, story, VA...everything. Hoping to see the full game soon ^^. keep it up (Y).

Shinwa Ep.1 : The Sacred Stone Kibo

How many hours is this game?

2-3 hours... I think :D

Shinwa Ep.1 : The Sacred Stone Kibo Review

Thanks you fro your generous reply. I am really getting fired up after reading this review (it shows I might have some talent). It's just i am too busy with my job right now, but I will try to do the second episode.

VX Ace giveaway #6 Article/Tutorial Raffle

T_T This must be a miracle T_T Thank you GOD! and thank you everyone T_T OMG I can't stop my tears, is this for real? *pinch my cheek* No it's real YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *dances*
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