HKOz Assal a growing Muslim Egyptian game developer.

My dream is work one day in developing one of Final fantasy games.

I don't care about profit all I care about is that you like my game.

I like Anime (one piece is my number one).



Shinwa Ep.1 : The Sacred Stone Kibo Review

Thanks you fro your generous reply. I am really getting fired up after reading this review (it shows I might have some talent). It's just i am too busy with my job right now, but I will try to do the second episode.

Lucidity: False Review

soman, soman,:P I just got a little carried away. It's been a while since I played such well made game. :D

The Quest of Dude III: The Omega Quest Review

I am so looking forward for the next episode :D

Shinwa Special: Revenge Review

Thank you very much for your informative review Sylenus and Merrand. I have updated the game and fixed a few things, the first thing was the ability to save. I really appreciate your efforts and I will try to use them in the my next game :D .
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