Oh, hell-o-f a good start! 2 Error Messages - Great ^^

Damn, i donĀ“t even know, if i am allowed to refer to a link, wich gives you the needed "common rtp" - but feck it, here it is:

Have fun! :)

That is unfortunately a system related error. But the internet has solutions for everything. Conveniently also on this website ;)
Hope it works!

Goode olde Cherry - always something up his sleeve...

wow thank you :)!!!!

*you can remove the link if you want so you dont get in trouble ;3 *


cant play because i dont have the rpg maker 2003 runtime package .-. and i cant seem to find it

Let's work on your game descriptions!

@metal_kitty: I'm looking at the post again, making the conclusion that I must have not seen the story write-up that you had. Sorry!

Collecting what photos they may have taken of their relationship sounds like an okay plan, but, I was thinking more in line of little day-by-day things that she would enjoy. You would know your characters better that I, but, a few examples I can think off the top of my head is, like, I dunno, watching a movie they both enjoyed, or sometimes being able to predict what she wants, or is about to say? Eh, I guess it's harder to explain than I thought.

@hornetlick: Here's the kind of thing I would suggest:
Once upon a time, a girl called Lilith finds a diary entitled The Diary of Freya. Within it's pages lied a tragic, but true, story. She embarks to find Freya's best friend (who had parted ways by the end of the novel), not entirely aware of the danger she was about to face.

Additional notes:
Dairy of Freya is a horror/puzzle game divided into chapters, further divided into parts. For example, the first section of the game will be Chapter 1-1, followed by Chapter 1-2, and so on.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by...

~ the desks and chairs are used from the famous corpse party games, and you will need to go around some , sorry!

I think you mean to say...

The desk and chair sprites are from various famous Corpse Party games.

The game may contain significant amounts of backtracking.

...but I could be wrong.

wow thank you! and yh thats what i ment x3 thank you so much C; ill re-submit it with that description C; thankyou! ill tell if it gets denied ;3

Let's work on your game descriptions!

hi, i need some help please !

game description :

once apon a time, A girl called Lilith finds this diary. The diary of Freya.
Not knowing what the diary held she took it home and read it, just to find out a tragic story.
After finding out what has happened she embarks on a mission to find Freya's best friend, who was made to part with her. But she doesnt know whats going to await her on her mission.

main protagonist: Lilith
age: 17
description: A teenage girl who has a passion for helping people, when someone asks for help she wont stop until she fulfils it

~ Dairy of freya ~
Genre: Horror and puzzle
gameplay time: not known

~This is made into chapters and parts, The part ill release soon will be Chapter 1 - 1
~ the desks and chairs are used from the famous corpse party games, and you will need to go around some , sorry!

Darkness of Hope - Save The Heart of Painful

theres a bug o; when you use the transport to go to the living room it said's missing bitmap

Corpse Party: For Another Day

finished the chapters and must say i want to get chapter 3 !

The Last Hour Of Fairfield

its telling me theres no script

Corpse Party - ever after -

stunning tilesets , and stunning pictures , cant wait for the end ~

and would you be able to send me the floor tilesets ( heavanly host horror floor )and the broken wood tilesets you used ? because if its off kamilia i cant get on her page .-.

The Wedding

ive done playing the game :3 reviewing now ~

Heiwaboke Crisis

i did the ninja girl andhair dye one- didnt know had to find ninja first

the only ones im having trouble is the mother daughter one , i cant use the cat
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