I've picked up Patrick in town and spoken to Krei who tells me my contact wants to meet at a private place. My journal gives me the hint to visit the abandoned warehouse. I've already been there and looted it. I go back and find my contact, but he just keeps saying he will only speak to Laine. Then Laine says "that would be me", and nothing else happens. How to move forward from here as the contact will not engage other than that. Thanks.

Dimensional Warriors

Stuck in the desert area - can't find to key to the pyramids. Help. Thanks.

Project Oscine

Stuck in the Sim forest. I've been to all three areas and there is nowhere left to go except the robot guy guarding the cave entrance in the south that says I am not a high enough rank yet to pass. Can't go back to the last safe area either. What to do now?

Mayhem Maiden

Monsters are wayyy too difficult in the first dungeon. I am playing in Vacation mode - which I am assuming is the easiest - and could not beat the first guardian, and was having difficulty with the alarm sentinels with which I was trying to level up. Not worth it since they gave very little experience. This was at level four. After the guardian defeated me and the party revived, we seemed weaker in both attack and defense. I had already cleared out the mobile foes, and only had the alarm sentinels left which keep re-spawning - which would be great to level up with if they gave substantial experience - especially considering the difficulty of those sentinels to defeat. Hate Holly's Overload. She was killing more of my party than damaging the enemy. This game needs some serious re-balancing. Until that happens, I'll not play it again.

Dungeon Champion

undefined local variable or method \actor/ for #< Game_Enemy:0x5de7200>

I'm also getting this error a lot on Zephyr Mountain - so much so that at one point it is a game-stopping bug. At the point on the mountain when my group comes to the two white pentacles and the marker - I stand on the white pentacle and engage the marker - it says there is something strange about the marker and would I like to investigate it - I say yes, and three enemies appear - two blue ones on either side of me and an orange one in front. I cannot move from the white pentacle, and when the blue enemy on the left automatically encounters me the game seizes and I get the error message in the quotes above. If you fix this, it will probably fix all the other encounters that get this error on the mountain which I was successfully able to dodge after many repeat tries and saves after figuring out which ones would give me this error. I wonder if you forgot to name one of the monsters encountered on the mountain?

In Search of Dragons

Not liking this one at all. It was fine when I could level up, but after the spider cave and the wayyy too long cut scenes, with my party at only level five, I'm getting my ass kicked by rats and bats who neither drop items or give experience. Seriously pissing me off. I'm done with this one.

Blackmoon Prophecy II


Just finished your demo and thought I would add some comments to your five questions.

>>1. I'm rarely ever experiencing this myself, but scripts may be causing frequent crashing for some people. When does this crashing occur most often? Specific moments when the crashing occurred would help tremendously.<<

I did experience some crashes throughout the game. They seemed very random, so I couldn't provide you with any specific reasons why. For the record - I did experience the same problems with your first Blackmoon Prophecy game, and found that if I added the game .exe in my DEP list on my computer, the crashes became fewer in number but did not go away altogether. I just started saving my game ALOT to avoid having to go back too far after a crash.

>>2. Testers complained that the game grew too difficult for them after they returned from Ivalice with Jasmine. I tried to take steps to resolve this, mainly by increasing experience gains for all monsters. To anyone who may finish the demo, how does the difficulty feel for you from start to finish? Do any moments feel too easy? Too hard?<<

The difficulty was fine for me, but then again, I am a grinder and had my party up to level 5 and equipped with the best armor before I even set out on any major quests. My only complaint in this area is that the random encounters do seem a little high. I seemingly couldn't take any more than 5 steps at any time throughout this demo without an encounter. It never really put me in a bind because I always made sure I was stocked on usables. but it did make for slow going at times. An escape option would be favorable.

>>3. Are items affordable? Do any shops feel as if they're lacking items they should have? I've had one person bring up that they were stuck with the same pieces of equipment for too long. If others feel this way, I'll take steps to change that.<<

Having the same armor for a long period didn't seem to affect my party in battles too much. After I crafted some better weapons, I didn't even really worry about it. Items seemed affordable enough, but as I said earlier - I'm a grinder - if I don't have enough money for an item - I grind until I do before moving on.

>>4. Does upgrading weapons feel like it requires farming or grinding, or was it mostly pretty easy to acquire what was asked for by crafters to make new weapons? Does ore (both iron and mythril) feel like it is easily obtainable? For reference, iron is introduced when the player is heading to Lindblum City while mythril is introduced roughly around the time that the party is heading to Altair to use the underground tunnel.<<

My iron ore stash was plentiful by the end of the demo, and after I furnished the garrison with the magic furnace I just used gold to convert to any mythril I needed for crafting. I didn't really find any mythril ore in battles until the end of the demo when I didn't need it anymore because I had already used gold to craft mythril for the best weapons for my party. One thing I did notice - in Altair the crafter there says he needs wood planks as an ingredient to craft the Mythril Rod - that is incorrect - he needs Screws.

>>5. If you've completed the demo, what level were your party members at? Who did you use for a party by the end of the demo? What was your total play time?<<

My end party included the initial Augurer with the Chocobo - can't remember his name as I renamed him Tyrion - finished at Level 18, the Black Mage who was trained by Oalston - again, can't remember his name as I renamed him Mordred - finished at level 17, Reiner - who I renamed Cormac - finished at level 18, and Edric the knight, who I tried to rename Bedivere but it didn't take - finished at level 15. My total gameplay time was 15 hours and 18 minutes. Hope this helps - looking forward to more content as I really enjoyed this demo. Rock!

Mordred's Castle


I have been playing and really enjoying this game. However, I have come to a point where I can go no further. It is my own fault, but I'm hoping if I send you a save file, you can help. I'm in Mordred's Castle, and have defeated all of the elemental bosses and Draupnir. The problem is, when I received the first two elemental orbs, it was not stated what they were to be used for, so I tried using them as weapons - i.e. the water orb against the fire elemental. When nothing happened, I thought nothing of it until I got to the room with the four pedestals. I placed my two remaining orbs on the pedestals, then realized I needed the other two as well - which I no longer had - to place on the other two pedestals in order to pull the switch to open the big door in front of me. The two orbs I need are the water and air orbs. Can you help so I can finish the game? I only have one other save file, and it was right after Merlin died, and I REALLY do not want to start again from there. Thanks.

Last Dream

Hey guys - Purchased the game through your kickstarter campaign and have decided to start over from the beginning. I'm in Doria, and there is a well that leads to a little cave with a door that requires a four-digit code to unlock. Could you provide me with the code or tell me where I might find the answer in the strategy guide? Thanks - lovin' this game!

Last Dream

Nope, you'll have 3 more hours to play regardless of how many hours you put into the original demo.

Sweet, thanks. I will be making a pledge to your game on Friday!