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One Night at the Steeze
A night of fun complete with pizza, games, and stage props out to kill you!



No Delivery

I swear, this game feels like One Night at the Steeze but all grown up. I'm *so* playing this in the coming days. :D

Yeah this is somewhat an expansion of One Night at the Steeze so its great to know those who played that first can see a fully realized pizzeria

...I already mentioned this on RMN's discord about a month ago, But I wanted to share my thoughts here:
No Delivery is by far the weirdest, but surprisingly addicting, most trippiest game I've played of 2019.


If you liked Earthbound and Silent Hill, definitely check this one out.
Very easy nominations for (Trippiest Game) and (The Dark Souls of RMN) here.
Really neat surprise of a game, for 2019. I loved it!

Also, be sure to check out their late 90s website. - This was really cool!

Thanks for the recommendation!
I started with gamedev on this site so its awesome that its being discussed here!

No Delivery

Why are there so few comments on this game page? This game is absolutely wonderful!

I'm playing random "horror" RPG Maker games throughout October and just took a stab at the demo for this game. Really enjoyed myself!

Thanks for posting here!
The page on itchio is really the main outlet for this project, though I did start out here with earlier games!

Day Dreaming Derpy

Hello there. I really enjoyed this game. Amazing work! but it seems that I've crossed with a bug with Smarty Pants. Hope you can understand me, since I speak spanish (My english is bad).

So... after I finished the game, I went again to ''The Light-side of the Moon'' and somehow I got Smarty Pants to follow me everywhere, even in the Real World! I believe this isn't supposed to happen, right? Screenshots below:

EDIT: Nevermind! I was using version 1.0 of the game wich had this bug. I updated to v1.1 and it seems to be fixed now.

That's great! Good to see you were able to fix it!
Thanks for playing

Day Dreaming Derpy

Hello, I seem to be stuck. So I just completed the haunted house dream, and I don't know where to go next. I would assume I'm supposed to go to the theater dream, but someone blocks my way. Also, although the ! appears above the head of the person blocking my way, pressing the confirm/talk button does nothing. I'm using a controller, by the way. Is there something I'm supposed to do to get this person to go away?

There are a few other places where an ! appears above someone's head, but the confirm button does nothing. These are Dinky in the Sea of Clouds with balloons nearby and Dinky in the haunted house dream.

Not sure about your controller settings, but I suggest playing with a keyboard /Confirm and Cancel for consistent controls

Day Dreaming Derpy

Why do this not have a review yet holy fawk

In all seriousness, I'm adding this to my queue. Some of the brony stuff might be lost to me, but this needs a review. Thankfully the two before this in my play-and-review queue are short, as far as I can tell?

lol Thanks for stopping over
The game's an average of 5-6 hours, just as a heads up

Day Dreaming Derpy

So... I just finished this game. Amazing work of art, and all should play it, brony or not. I do have a question though... I'll hid it for those who wish not to be possibly spoiled. I do hope this is answered. Again thank you for the amazing game, and work of art.
In the final battles, the one with Discord Derpy, there are also Night Guard Derpys, so is there a Night Guard job? I'd really love to know if there is.

There is no Uniform for the Night Guard, unfortunately, didn't have time to implement it.
Thanks for the feedback

Day Dreaming Derpy

Please fix these errors bugs (And I ask you to check every line of the program every rpgmaker script game and correct it repaired fixed ) Day Dreaming Derpy Demo v0.32

Thanks again for reporting!
I'll be working on the issue!

Day Dreaming Derpy

problem has solved

Thanks for the heads up!
As I stated, old saves from v0.1/11 don't function perfectly with v0.2. In future updates, your saves now can be used, now that all scripts are implemented.

Day Dreaming Derpy

Horror_n_Oates! You liiiiive! :D

My knowledge and experience with MLP:FiM is just a little past cursory, but I used to be big on this show regarding the site Know Your Meme and its uploads. I'll see if I can't give this a shot sometime~

EDIT/PS - Is the title name based off "Day Dreaming Davey", by any chance? lawl

yesh *shameless creeper smile*
Had a bit of a cow trying to come up with the name for a while tho

Day Dreaming Derpy

This game sounds incredible... I loved Paper Mario as a kid and dearly wished it would receive a ponification. While the fan art of Paper Pinkie sadly doesn't exist. Derpy is probably better as I love Derpy. I shall watch this and stalk this page relentlessly till it is completed.

Thanks for making my wish come true!

Demo's gonna come out soon @w@
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