Super Dr. Toadly World

Is that the feeling you get? Because that's not at all the case. Although, there's technically nothing stopping someone from making 3 difficult levels, some easy levels would be appreciated... alright, I think I'll also clarify that you should have 1 easy, 1 moderate, and 1 difficult level, but not en enforced rule or anything.

Also clarifying that the enemies are "Hypno-toads" and not Dr. Toadlys themselves, and clarifying most of the guidelines. Probably should have had someone proof read this. Things to learn!

The SMB2 Exit NPC is the NPC in the SMB2 Tab of the NPC window under the "Exit" category. It should be the only NPC in that category, left of the "Boss" Category and to the right of the "Items" category.

Cool thanks. I might join this, but maybe not. :)

Super Dr. Toadly World

So you want us to make difficult Mario levels which are hard to complete or you always die at? Sorry that I'm slow. Also what in the world is a SMB2 Exit NPC?

New Eden

It's not marked as commercial (there'd be a blue title on the side under the images if it was).

Cool, thanks. Hope it comes out soon because it looks fun!

New Eden

Looks cool. Hope its fun when it comes out. Will it be free?
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