I like being a tester. Classic RPGs are my favorite, that is, those similar to the FF games. I've always liked Legend of Zelda, and am currently playing Ahriman's Prophecy, and Phantasia Remake.

As for my list of "Try Them Out" games, here it is:
(in no particular order)
1. Avantasia
2. Legendary Legend
3. Tales of Worlds
4. Myth Xaran
5. Demon Legacy
6. Life Points (just to see)
7. Laxius Power
8. Phantasia 2
9. Phantasia 3
10. Reconstruction



Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

Subscribed. ^.^

How did you find rpgmaker.net and why did you stick around?

I just searched "rpg games site" on google...and that's how I got here! Hahah. That was maybe a year ago.
I think....I just recently became a member, mainly to comment and subscribe to games!!
And testing...hahaha.

The Reconstruction

This looks awesome! Kind of reminds me of a kind of tactics game, at a first glance.
Can't wait until the beast is finished downloading so I can PLAY. =D


This looks really good. Why do all the good-looking games go cancelled???

The Secret of Ludia

Aww....this looked like a good game...
but it's...cancelled....sad.

Phantasia Remake

Okay...so I'm stuck. I just finished the VERY FIRST MISSION...and the king is now freaking out about his daughter being kidnapped. As far as I know I have checked every area possible, talked to every person possible...BUT CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO MOVE ON.
I know it's possible...others say they're at another point...but...I dunno...
Help, please?

Runic Cipher

Looks great so far!!

Tina of the Stars

The bright colors look...shiny.
I can't wait until this is finished!!
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