Thank you both! And if all goes well, you will someday!


Hello, I am icecheetah, and I am basically interested in everything but music making (which I have dabbled in). So, pretty much a jack of all trades, master of none, though I have been writing and drawing for a long time. I am currently a sprite and CG-linart artist for a freeware visual novel, but I have a few ideas that would make for RPGs.

I also enjoy programming in python.

Anyway, nice to be here.


@Linkis I am starting to appreciate it more, but if only it were quieter...

As for the magic: You find it by exploring. The first you should find is the healing rain which is somewhere to the north east of the tent if I remember correctly.


The bunnies are very difficult to fight and the noise is aggravating.
But the music and maps are nice.
I'll see if I can finish this game.
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