I'm a novelist, and working on a commercial RPG called The Pale City under my real name. (Kyle Muntz)

Some of my favorite RM games:

The Way
Dhux Scar
Seraphic Blue
Star Stealing Prince
Wine and Roses
The Logomancer
The Reconstruction
Master of the Wind
To the Moon
The Grumpy Knight
Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden
Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle
Space Funeral
One Shot



The Citadel

Hey itls, this game looks really interesting but it's marked as completed and I don't think there's a download posted. Definitely subscribing though.


The music in that boss fight is just wow.

Seraphic Blue (English)

Hey Ellipswitch, not sure if you've seen this but I just found Seraphic Blue on a "Best of RPG Maker" video at Youtube. Decent amount of views, too, which is pretty cool.


In Search of Immortality

This game was good too, though ironically not for the same reason as Grumpy Knight or Dead Moon Night. I thought all both of those games had great combat (especially Grumpy Knight, which was perfect), but here it seems like you turned it into art almost. It's like you basically took RPG combat and decided to rebuild it from the ground up, which is really great and ambitious especially in such a short time.

Strong writing/mapping from Indra as usual(especially forcing the rtp to still be interesting, even without the awesome custom art from the other games), though this time I still liked the characters but not the "story" so much, maybe because it had less comedy. But, basically, loved all three of these games and I'm really looking forward to In Search of Dragons.

How to be Funny

This was great. It was clever, meta, creepy and (yes) funny. Great use of visual effects and sound especially, and nice job doing interesting things with the RTP by blending things together so well.

Dragons' Descendants

Turns out I didn't like this one quite as much, but I think that's mostly because of the short development cycle. The combat system itself (with the complex, percentage based abilities especially) was unique and lended itself to some fascinating strategies, though the game as a whole felt a little too raw. (Maps, writing, and most of the other elements just didn't feel as polished as the gameplay.) I generally don't like dungeon crawlers that throw waves of enemies at you, but I still really enjoyed some of the battles in this game.

The first few times any given set of enemies would appear, the combat was just amazing. (All of them could kill you pretty easy, and working through strategies with the really unconventional system in general was great.) The repetition element of having to grind through those same enemies after the first few times was less awesome, but not a huge problem since you let the player run whenever they wanted. It's a little less interesting without the individually unique battles of Wine&Roses, but some of the tight resource management reminds me a little of Visions and Voices. It also doesn't feel as polished as Ill Will which had a stronger story/gameplay balance, but again I'm sure that's just the time limit.

Because it's so short, plus the backtracking in the dungeons, I think a lower encounter rate might help, even if it might cut an hour or even two from the playtime. This was the kind of game where I only enjoyed parts rather than the whole thing, but there are a lot of cool things about the combat system especially.

The Grumpy Knight

Hey Indra/Fomar, I just finished this game and I think it was pretty close to perfect. The writing (funny, unpredictable, and polished from the first line), the mapping, the art, the gameplay, everything was just great. I tend not to enjoy contest related RM games, but I especially appreciate what you did with this one structurally--the choice to make every fight unique really just changes the experience and makes it better. (The only one I've seen who's done something similar was Craze in Wine and Roses, which is an amazing game but I've really wanted to see what the approach would look like outside a dungeon crawler.) Two hours and there was never a weak moment, which is really cool, plus now I'm looking forward to the other games you've done as well.

Edit: also just played Dark Moon Night, and liked it a lot. It was really funny and had great characters just like Grumpy Knight. The gameplay (especially when it got almost dungeon-crawler-ish, which made it sort of the opposite of Grump Knight) didn't hold up as well, but........that ending! (I even recognized the character from Grumpy Knight and couldn't even imagine haha.)

Will you ever return?

Hey Jackspinoza, loved the game. The graphics especially, but strong writing, music, and... pretty much everything. (Also, umm, I don't see why this would have been an issue anyway but yeah the size of the download is no problem.) Can hardly remember the last time I saw so much custom art in a game, but the decision to make graphics almost entirely out of collage is just wow. Reminded me of Space Funeral some, plus I love you kept the bleeding trees from the Inferno and seem to know it well enough to make quite a few references, even pretty subtle ones sometimes. A couple of the maps were particularly stunning--was really impressed when I came to the big map in part 1 with all the demons running around.... then it just kept getting better. Part 2 is probably slightly better, or at least more ambitious but both of them were great (despite the not so good puzzle where you had to find the 3 guys, probably the low point of both games). Looking forward to the sequel too.

Dragons' Descendants

Just started playing some. I could be guessing wrong, but did you guys work off the combat system Craze used for Wine and Roses?(Maybe just a few of the same base-scripts, since the features seem to be different) Something about it feels similar, though maybe I'm just thinking that because Craze worked on it. (Which is really great--Wine and Roses has some of my favorite gameplay ever, and if I end up liking this I'll try to get a review up at some point.)

The Drop

Hey Deltree, this is going to sound weird but: this game actually isn't my thing (not into dungeon crawlers, and I play RPGs for story more than gameplay), but I've tested it out and I think the game design is genius. I'm guessing roguelike players will especially love it, plus the custom art and systems are fantastic. It's really great to see the ambitious stuff you've been doing with RPG Maker over the last few years.