I'm a novelist, and working on a commercial RPG called The Pale City under my real name. (Kyle Muntz)

Some of my favorite RM games:

The Way
Dhux Scar
Seraphic Blue
Star Stealing Prince
Wine and Roses
The Logomancer
The Reconstruction
Master of the Wind
To the Moon
The Grumpy Knight
Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden
Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle
Space Funeral
One Shot


Games Using Victor Sant's Scripts

Hey all. This falls between topics a little bit, but does anyone know of Ace games that use Victor Sant's battle engine exclusively or almost exclusively? The system seem to have a lot of potential, but I've noticed mostly because of how difficult they are plus compatibility problems, people tend to primarily use Yanfly, Battle Engine Symphony or something else, and just a few from Victor (usually the animated battlers), and I'm curious to see a few where Victor's system is used as a base instead.

I'd be especially interested to see a few that didn't use Yanfly or another core engine at all.
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