RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
I mainly use RPG Maker 2000/2003.

Been around the scene since the early 2001's.

Played and enjoyed many English, Spanish and Portuguese RPG Maker games!
Entering the world of internet communities can be a frustrating experience.



Why are these forums relatively inactive?

Citation needed, just a quick glance and you'll see that there are more RPG Maker VX games posted than RM2K/3 combined (not even getting into MZ or MV). at best it's the largest gathering of RM2K/3 users but a huge portion definately use the latter makers. Even if that was true the average user is likely using a 1920x1080 monitor, the text and scalability is SMALL without compensation (see those empty blue bars in the background of the site?). If you boot up an RM2K3 game it will upscale to compensate. This justification makes no sense, a preferred game engine doesn't affect how the common user browses a site.

Never stated it as a fact nor did I say rm2k/3 were the majority, as I said: from where I'm standing. I.E.: personal experience.
Every time I come here there seems to be a large number of rm2k/3 games being worked on and some new ones.
As I said, it doesn't bother me. I can afford to use a lower resolution on my monitor. I know I'm not in the majority.
If people are OK with using an RPG Maker from the years 2000/2003, then I don't see how those same people would have an issue with a website from "2010". That's where I'm coming from.

Well for myself I'd like to just be able the navigate and use the site a little better. People DO post games here, and if the experience is even slightly improved then maybe it'll help out with other aspects like say retention or activity. Which is why I'm saying in the previous sentence that it's the harder/longer roundabout answer to the structural aspects to site. You're the only person who mentioned mainstream here.

Sure, I can get behind that. I mentioned mainstream because it seems that's what all those "improvements" are aimed at. To make the experience better for people who really wouldn't care about RMN otherwise.

Well for me it's not an alternative? I don't use Discord for community stuff, Discord is way less passive and not the same thing. I use RMN and I would like it to be more active, I post blogs, I shitpost on the forums, argue for fun, I check on archival games. I prefer communicating in long form especially between gamedev. I would like the thing I currently use to be better. Again your suggestion is reductive.

I don't use or like Discord. And while I don't use the forums often, I still prefer them to Discord and think they should be kept for all the information and history they have.

My suggestion may be reductive, but it works for me and needs less funds. Your suggestion seems unfeasible right now. It's my understanding that it's hard enough to keep the website afloat.

Now, "shitposting" and "arguing for fun"? You're practically admitting that you argue for the sake of arguing. How can I trust what you say?

Let's actually unpack this here. You state that technology can be used for good or evil, then you say some examples of it being used for evil. Your examples don't disprove the merit of technology modernization though, just the evil intent. In fact subscription based models and ownership has more to do with policies/laws and the underlying state of capitalism/monopoly than technology.

Subscription base models exist because the infrastructure and technology necessaries were finally available. What you are missing is that said infrastructure and technology was purposefully created for that sole objective. Politics are also involved, yes, but without developing the necessary infrastructure and technology they wouldn't get very far.

If that isn't enough for you then I can say that the majority of modern appliances will last much less than say, appliances with the same use made 15 years ago.

It may be that such technology was made to fail after a certain period, and you may (correctly) assess that it's not an improvement of said technology. However those appliances are officially sold as being the latest sate-of-the-art technology. A modernization of the old decrepit technology (as marketing would put it). Even if that is a marketing lie, it essentially means that in our current world the modernization of technology leads to an inferior technology.

So when we talk about the modernization of something, it has a negative connotation.

Apply this to anything: food, music, videogames, films, books, constructions, cars, etc. A website update wouldn't be any different.

That's not the same thing as suggesting an improved webpage UX or whatever. RMN has no incentive to make the overall experience worse for the sake of profit (that I know of yet). It's better to attack something for its own merit than putting it under an umbrella and then saying the umbrella is bad for different reasons. Otherwise you're conflating unrelated bad things with specific improvement suggestions when you should be critizing the suggestions themselves which you conceded to some anyway.

Indeed it's not the same thing. But I have no reason to believe that the final result won't be inferior.

Neither was I saying RMN was doing it on purpose for profit. However, those who made the programs/etc necessary for a new updated modernized website to happen, may have the incentive.

The umbrella is as bad as what's beneath it. And sometimes that same umbrella was manufactured by what's beneath it. Then there's whoever is holding the umbrella.

They're not unrelated to me, or I wouldn't mention them.

I already criticized the suggestions: there's not enough money to keep RMN afloat, let alone update it and modernize it.

Concerning funds, there is something of a donation drive happening right now. Please consider pitching in if you can.

I wish I could.

while the discord is admittedly 10:1 general chat to gamedesign chat, there is still way /way/ more on-topic discussion there than on the forums, especially for the newer generation of users that only picked up the software via Steam sales and aren't 10year+ vets, even for 2k/3.

That's something, I guess. But I still feel that Discord isn't the way to go.

I think that if there was no Discord, that new generation of new users would probably be on the Steam forums, regardless of RMN being modernized or not. It just feels that if people will only talk about RPG Maker because there's a Discord, then the issue isn't really with RMN or the forums, but the people themselves. Times have changed.

That said, I understand that it's in RMN's best interest to adapt.

Unlike someone said earlier, I don't care if "RMN lives on" if that means becoming something completely different.

Why are these forums relatively inactive?

Because the site doesn't even match most monitor's resolutions anymore? The thumbnails only look great on a 800x600 monitor? The site has a bunch of useability issues? Because I'd like peoples games to be showcased better? Because the site has always been updated... why stop now?

I can see how the really bad useablility issues should be addressed. The rest not so much.

From where I'm standing, a large part of the userbase still seems to be using RPG Maker 2000/2003. Not too sure if those users will feel bothered with low resolutions and such.

All this for what? A modern website is not going to attract new people into this. Only very specific types will wander into RMN. This isn't mainstream.

It's not like it's gonna happen either way, things seem to be getting grim when it comes to funds. For now it would be good enough to at least keep the website running.

I'm talking about making the site better to use so that it's a smooth experience. I use the site as much as anyone else and I would like to IMPROVE THINGS. There are ways to improve the site without tacking on things nobody wants.

You see, I can agree with this. But it's completely different from saying "People landing into this site are gonna think they time travelled back to 2010 let's be real".

However, I bet that what we'll actually get with those so called "improvements" will be an inferior website than the current RMN (warts and all). That's how these things go. I'm not even blaming anyone in the site Administration, I actually believe they are doing (and will do) what they think is best, but modern technology is engineered to collapse.

But sure strawman me with "new = good, old = bad" because going beyond that would require nuance and understanding how people use things. If you're not interested in improving the site then there's no discussion here.

Oh, stop with that strawman bullshit. We get it, you have a high opinion of yourself.

"Don't like it don't use it" is not even an argument and is ridiculous lol. Don't think there's a back and forth worth having on that front.

When Discord is the alternative, then "Don't like don't use it" starts to make a lot of sense! What does it matter if RMN's community is thriving, when all that means is that a bunch of new users are playing forum games or discussing non-game design topics over at Discord?

But you're certainly right about one thing, there's no back and forth worth having with you.

But in regards to resistance to change or technological updates, it's kind of a moot point. Technology isn't bad, neither is modernization. If it was, we'd all still be using coal in our engines and heating our homes with fireplaces.

I strongly disagree. Not all modernization and technology is as beneficial as the alternative to coal engines and fireplaces. Technology is a tool, and tools can be used for both good and evil.

Netflix, Steam, Spotify, etc, are good examples of detrimental modernization, where you no longer truly own what you buy or even choose what to consume, instead you rent it by means of a subscription and let others pick what to consume on your behalf.

It's a complement, not a replacement.

Once people stop posting in the forums, then you can bet Discord will replace the forums. I don't believe it was planned, but I believe it will happen.

Why are these forums relatively inactive?

People landing into this site are gonna think they time travelled back to 2010 let's be real.

..and that's bad because?

Peer pressure is the issue. It's what made everyone get smartphones and what made everyone believe that "old stuff" is suddenly bad so we need to "update and get with the times!"...

Also I don't think Discord "killed" the site any more than the Slack killed it, or the Skype killed it, or the IRC killed it before that.

You simply cannot compare the popularity of Discord with the other messaging services. Discord has become overwhelmingly popular much more so than any of the other mentioned services.
While Discord was not the sole offender, it was a major factor in RMN's current state.

This isn't directed at anyone is particular:

Can't check the forums on a smartphone? Maybe don't check them on a smartphone then. If someone is unwilling to set aside some time to do things right and use a proper computer, then maybe the issue isn't the forums.
When using a smartphone and Discord because it "makes things easier" is the excuse to continuing to pursue a hobby, then maybe that hobbyist mindset is already on life support. The same goes for just chatting in forums.

Wizard apprentice Lya

I downloaded Lya and will try it out in a few days and let you know what I think in the gamepage, if that's OK with you.

Just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget about this! It's just that the "few days" turned into a "few months"!

I was already old when RPG Maker 2000 came out

I was nearly legal when I found out about it in 2002.

RMN Holiday Calendar

Well you did it Frogge, I believe this is your best game yet!

I finally managed to play through the whole game. This is all I expected from this community game. It was a treat!

My feedback (there's spoilers in here, so I strongly suggest playing the game before reading on, oh random user who is not Frogge!):

- first of all, I played the "v1.0" of the game;

- beautiful graphics and maps filled with details, the light effects worked really well! I specially liked the Art Gallery teleport;

- the music fit the mood well;

- the Casino theme got kind of annoying after a while due to how short it is;

- it was fun reading everyone's messages, even if I don't personally know most of them, but there was something very genuine about the whole thing;

- the red and blue crystals were a great idea to help the player know when to speak with characters more than once OR who to speak with to progress;

- there's a lot of humorous dialogue and situations!;

- the writing for the main story was witty and funny to read;

- I never felt that I was lost and always had some idea of what I needed to do, so nice going with the game design!;

- there's a couple of affixed notes in walls around the game but you can't examine them (i.e.: the note next to Sol's wanted poster). Nothing wrong with that, but it just feels like a missed opportunity for some fun comments ;) ;

- Gourd_Clae's haunted place was awesome!;

- Had an error when entering the Art Room (error: Dividing a floating point number by 0), the cause was the Panorama "Dimension Rift.bmp", so I converted it to ".png" and now it works on my PC, FYI;

- When checking the "Pictures" folder I noticed that "Art7.png" goes unused, I'm just mentioning this since I'm not sure if that was on purpose or not;

- the detail of the hero slowing down when going through the exit doors is really nice;

- I think I found a typo, the "Shelter Master Key" description says "foor" instead of "door";

- I feel like the first boss (Edgy Sonic) takes too long and consequently becomes more frustrating than challenging or fun, a possible solution would be to reduce it's HP to make the battle faster;

- other than that, it's a pretty well thought battle! I enjoy the pattern and how it keeps you moving;

- my feedback for the second boss (whatever that thing is) is the same as the first: I feel like it could have less HP to make it faster and more manageable to beat;

- other than that, once again, it's a pretty clever boss pattern and it's enjoyable to play, although I feel the battle drags on;

- I'm just suggesting this for the Bosses since I think it's more fun to still beat them than skip them;

- Holy crap! I totally forgot about Valentines 2018! Pretty neat that you managed to include it here as a secret bonus! I didn't even remember participating, but I did! And was really surprised when I found myself!;

- nice approach with naming the villain , it's the sensible way to do things;

- I think all 3 of the Vortex puzzles are pretty good, it was also cool that the previous 2 puzzles teach the player how to solve them before you mix them up in the last one;

- Kloe's Dungeon is pretty cool, I love these small map puzzles;

- Found the secret room and felt really happy for it, it was cleverly hidden!;

- changing the hero faceset to match the part of the game is really neat and adds a uniqueness to the game;

- I have never used Discord so unfortunately a lot of the stuff in "A Tale of Discord" goes over my head... not your fault or anything. Just pointing that out. Despite that, I still thought it was pretty funny due to the wtf-ness of it all;

- the layout in Discord looks very sci-fi/VR-ish, I dig it. Very creative;

- the teleport animation looks really neat;

- that lever on #inspirationhell was well hidden!;

- For some reason the "Sci-Fi Set" didn't unlock for me despite the game saying it did;

- The ending and credits were imaginative, the perfect ending for the game. Very christmas-y too;

Congrats on finishing this project!

ALONE Review

I think I know how you feel, I started countless RPG Maker projects... but only managed to complete a couple of very small projects.

Still struggling to finish some of the larger ones.

But yeah, you should feel accomplished for writing all those reviews, that's a major feat! Keep on having fun!


I'd like to play this but have issues unpacking the game for some reason, any advice..?

Thanks for taking an interest! If you can't unpack the file, I suggest googling for "unzip online" and use one of the several websites that allow you to unpack compacted files for free.

If you still can't unpack the file, then please let me know so that I can fix something up.

Also, thanks for the heads up, I'll have to look into changing the type of file I'm using since it won't work on everyone's computers. I should probably use ".rar" or ".zip".

ALONE Review

For me, someone who made as many reviews as you did (around 340) in such a short time frame, is indeed legendary. Trust me on this! ;P

Thanks again!

ALONE Review

Holy crap! A review by the legendary reviewer TheRpgmakerAddict! What a treat. Thanks a lot! :D

I've been away from RMN due to some crappy real life reasons, so I only noticed this now. Sorry about that!

I feel that your review manages to encapsulate all the main features of ALONE.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I certainly wasn't expecting any new reviews, that's for sure! I guess this is the closest I'll ever be to make an "RPG Maker Classic".

I'm pretty satisfied by how the atmosphere, names of abilities/equipments and special effects turned out! It does give the game a unique feel.

I still have no idea how I managed to make the original concept and event game in only 8 hours... that always blows my mind, specially considering how slow I am at finishing any other RPG Maker projects. I was on a roll back then, I guess.

That time limit was probably what spurred me forward, the game was born out of desperation.

People back then had very diverging opinions about the game and it's gameplay, which is only natural since it plays around with classic RPG concepts and turns them upside down.
Looking back now, it's kind of amusing since the drama that ensued is exactly the kind of stuff ALONE is meant to represent.

It was a joy reading your review, TheRpgmakerAddict! I don't disagree with any of your points, so there isn't much to discuss there. You do seem to have completely grasped what the game was trying to achieve and accepted it as such.

Oh yeah, there's a hidden "alternative quest", if you have a save right after you defeat the last boss, you should be able to find it.

Thanks again for the review and the kind words!