RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
I mainly use RPG Maker 2000/2003.

Been around the scene since the early 2001's.

Played and enjoyed many English, Spanish and Portuguese RPG Maker games!
Entering the world of internet communities can be a frustrating experience.


Are gamepage descriptions edited by the staff?

I'm just asking since I recently submitted a gamepage and some of the text was changed when it got accepted.

Just checking if I'm going crazy here.

Also, can I change the text back with no issues? Or should I consult with the RMN staff or Liberty?

Thanks in advance!

About what happened in the "2021 MISAOS - THOUGHTS, IDEAS, PLANS" thread

Posting this here so I don't derail the other thread, more than it has.

For context this is what I said:

I'm putting my foot down on this. When I'm no longer here, feel free to change it up, but no on this.

Do whatever you want.
I understand why you want to keep the Misao dates, but I don't like your attitude here, pulling the admin card.

Doesn't seem like a good way to foster a healthy community.

Why ask people what they think in the first place, if you're not gonna take into account what they have to say?"

I feel the need to justify this, since it was misinterpreted.

An admin has the final say. They can listen to the community, but in the end they are the ones deciding. I got no issue with that.

I can even understand maintaining the Misao's how they are now, since it's a longstanding RPG Maker tradition and it's easier for people to remember the dates.

What bugged me wasn't that Liberty said no, what I didn't like was the attitude, the way it was said. Because it made it sound like there was no use in even suggesting anything. It's no because I said so! This is what I call "playing the Admin card", the way it's said, not the decision itself.

The way you talk with people goes a long way. If you're less harsh when saying no, people will accept it better. This was just rubbing in everyone's face that you're the "boss" and no one likes it when people do that to them.

In a suggestion thread, telling people that you're putting your foot down and no means no, just makes people question why even bother with the community since in the end they don't matter. Antagonizing people like that will drive them away from the site. That's why I said it doesn't seem like a good way to foster a healthy community.

Several people mentioned that Liberty is an admin with no pay, but that is no justification for anything. Please understand that I'm not saying I don't appreciate Liberty's efforts in keeping RMN afloat for free, but in the end it was Liberty's decision to accept that task, so I cannot accept "no pay" as a shield for behavior.

I'm not demanding anything, I accepted Liberty's decision from the start. Neither do I want control over the site like Sooz suggested.

Having said all this, I don't mean to devalue Liberty's work. My comment had nothing to do with Liberty's general efforts on RMN, it was only aimed at that specific post and was blown out of proportion.

[RM2K3] Looking for long lost Charsets

Hey guys, I'm looking for the complete set for this Charset.
It's a variation on the RPG Maker 2002/2003 RTP Charsets.

I even think this one example isn't the original since the colours seem off.
I tried google searching it to no avail :/

Anyone got these?
Thanks in advance! :)

EDIT: when I say "complete set" I mean all the RTP Charsets in this style :)

Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

You guys knew about this?

A guy made a game using RPG Maker 2000, called "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!".

His page is here in case you're curious.

The game even made it to the finals of Slamdance before the event's organizer announced the removel of the game from the festival. You can read more on that here and in it's wikipage.

No one mentions that the game was made using an illegal program.

Museum of Modern Art (New York) acquired a selection of 14 video games

This I didn't expect, I think it's a good thing, the comments are as expected mostly awful, a lot of video game players still lack maturity.

I actually believe the first 14 video games were well thought of.

My suggestions would be:

- Rez
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Shadow of Memories/Destiny

I'm quite indecisive in what RPGs should be good representatives of the genre and experience.

Pier Solar - A Mega Drive/Genesis game released in 2010

So I saw this article on Gamespot: Here

About a game called "Pier Solar and the Great Architects". It's a 2D RPG, and well, we've seen that before, right? Except this game was released in 2010 (not a typo) for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis!

WaterMelon Co. is apparently a group of 2D RPG and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis fans, they used to hang around at Eidolon's Inn (website) and one day decided to make a game, it took them 8 years but they eventually finished it and made physical copies of the games:

I don't know if someone had already mentioned this game around here, I failed to find a forum search :/

Anyway, I find it awesome that a game for a (supposedly) dead system is still released after almost 13 years.

I don't own a Mega Drive/Genesis (I'd buy one if I did!) but the game looks great!

They currently have a kickstarter (here in case your curious) to release "Pier Solar HD" for Xbox360, PC, Mac, Linux and Dreamcast (!).

I personally don't like the HD graphics as much as the 16bit Pixelated ones.

But hey, good for them!

8 years and a game is born, I speak for myself when I say this (and some people probably agree with me), I believe I still haven't finished a game because I lack serious commitment, knowledge and a team.

These guys have that! It took time, but everyone can see the results now.

In a strong team each element is able to work with each other, a strong team releases finished games for dead systems :p

Here's their website: Here

Can close this one

Using sprites from Ace Attorney:

Generally useful:

Remember how in Lufia II the boats were the same size of the characters inside towns? I always found that a bit ridiculous:

And the badass:

rm2k3 - Is there a way for Common Events to stop map events halfway?

I have a Common Event that shows a message and a game over screen when the timer ends.

But if the hero talks with someone when the timer ends then all the text boxes show after the Common Event starts (it eventually gets to the Game Over screen, but not before the NPC finishes talking...).

Is there any way to stop a map event halfway, so that the Common Event proceeds without interruptions?

A real PIKMIN !

I've had this idea for a long time now, so one day I decided to buy some plasticine and make a yellow pikmin. It's my first attempt, it's not bad for a first try I think.

Used wires to make the "skeleton", the ears should be a different shape and pointing upwards :/ That's the cover for Pikmin 2 (gamecube) in the background. The flower ended up pretty good!

I also do other stuff with plasticine. Hmmm, maybe I could do something like clayfighters...

...I'm new here (hard to guess the topic in this forum, huh?)...

I've been in the Maker scene for about 10 years but only recently did I get internet at home (crazy, I know).

I'm confortable with editing or creating from scratch images (I use gimp, iDraw3, PSPro6), midis (Anvil Studio), maps, stories and gameplay systems (within the Maker possibilities since I'm not a programmer).

I have a few projects (a puzzle game a shoot'em up and lot's of rpgs), even though I never finished any since I'm doing my games all alone.

I use RPGM 2k and 3k, and lately I've been considering learning Ruby and buying RPGM VX to add that extra edge to my projects.

I'm looking forward to learn more and meet people with the same interests I have.
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