RGSS2 Player, why are you mean!

Maybe it's caused by opening the menu after transferring the player to the same map they were already on?
That's happened to me a lot before for some odd reason.

Third Realm

We will release a Patch 4 in the future that includes extended storyline (Part 2), more sidequests, a balanced, varied, and restructured battle system, and a fix to glitches like that. :)
It will probably be out sometime in June.

Thanks for the heads up!

Third Realm


So, I just need to say that the Super Help Document is sliiiiightly off. :)
I set the game to step up certain difficulty levels at some point, so that document is actually the most accurate when it comes to the easy mode of battling.
Hard has gotten nerfed in terms of beginning difficulty (it is actually much more playable now) but picks up in the middle of the game, just like with the other modes.

In other news:
Also as a side note I'm working with Catcat (Omega-Dev, rpgmakervx, RRR) to make a short game. Our "studio" is called Catoclysmic Games. He actually helped me a toooooon with the spriting in Third Realm, and I don't think I could have completed it without him! But you can expect something wholly different from this game to be released later on. When we come out with some art of it, I may post it. We've gotten some of the maps done, but nothing big yet.

It's not part of Karoshi Chronicles, my pet project, either, but I'm working on the first official game in that series too... on the side.

I have no idea when we'll be able to pick them up though. Here's hoping that we do eventually get rolling!

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm making art for my next game.
Not really much besides that.

Looks nice. :)

Do you kill bugs?

I don't kill bugs unless I feel like they're posing a problem.


I like to change my avatars into whatever I think gets my attitude across (video game characters, cool rl pictures.) It's usually cartoonish and never an actual picture or caricature of myself.

My current one is a character I made, which helps with a happy vibe. ^_^


Looks awesome. :)
I especially like the fire guy's graphic.


Is there something bad about having an HUD show the status of your character on the map? *Is confused*

Plus, the one in the middle is a gauge for overworld powers, and the button in the top left indicates the ability to jump.
I thought they would look a little lonely up there by themselves. :)


Oooooh. Now that you point that out, the tiles make slightly more sense. :p
I will change those square openings while I'm at it.

Chana, are you talking about the HUD?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Looking good, Radnen!
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