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Represent the M.U.G.E.N. engine under "Engines" section

Oi, WIP! I noticed we've got other engines besides the RM series under the "engines" section. Well, have you heard of the M.U.G.E.N. fighting game engine? (I don't know how to make links, but) Just type it in in a Google or Youtube search box; you can't miss it.

I think the Mugen fighting game engine is today's most popular free engine, and it has a strong fanbase and a wealth of customization options. Recently, the company that made Mugen--and subsequently abandoned it back in the early '00 decade for reasons unknown--have returned and are making heavy updates to the engine. Even before Elecbyte returned, the engine was versatile enough to create more than just fighting games, such as RPG's and sidescrollers, but now I have a feeling it is en lieu to becoming one of the most dynamic engines available, commercial engines included.

I really think the engine should be added to the "engine" section because I myself have more experience with Mugen than with RM or GM or any of the other engines on there, and I believe the community would benefit from being able to play Mugen fullgames.

Check it out here:
Check out an ambitious fullgame here:;topicseen

Include previews of comments in 'Notices'

Ey, WIP! Sometimes I check out all the new updates in 'Notices', and all hell breaks loose--oftentimes there's two pages or more for me to go through. Can you include a blurb beneath the comments so that it's easier to navigate to the ones that matter, please? Or a thumbnail next to the images? Or one of those "mouse hover" thingies, where when your mouse is over the comment, a box pops up showing what it's referring to?

Author name beneath title

Yo, WIP! This has been annoying the hell outta me for a while now: every time I go to a game's main page, I have to scour it for the name of the author. Why can't the author's name and a link to their profile be situated right underneath the game's title for everyone's convenience?
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