Exile's Journey

I've tried both and it doesn't work, save points just automatically activate and makes me save or not and I can't find Adaem anywhere in my party.

Exile's Journey

Ok thanks, that and the kraken, how do you find the rest of the sidequests? I went back to the town in the north of Arwald and helped ward off the demons but it didnt appear as a sidequest.

Also how do you change party members? I've chosen the Kobold to replace Adaem and now I can't find any button or anywhere in the menu to replace him back.

Exile's Journey

Hi, how do I help the sick woman in the house? The husband mentions something about the house behind the item shop but I couldn't open it.


Hi DJC, I've stumbled upon another hidden chest again, it's in one of the Mountain area of the 4 places needed to go (it's the place that has that board warning people of lava and not leaving your belongings).

I've already went to the left-hand side and any combination/paths don't work.

Love and War: Act I

Hi Admiral!

Any chance that you'll upload Part II anytime soon? Cuz I remember after playing the first game, I was curious if it had a sequel and someone mentioned there was but it was taken down after awhile but I managed to get my hands on it (sorry!) by snooping around.

It was in my old computer ages ago so the file is probably gone now but just wanna let you know even if Part II was kinda unfinished I remember having a lot of fun playing the game! :) So it'd be nice even if you release it as sort of an unfinished demo or something :D Any luck you can do that?? :)


Okay thanks! How do I get to this chest? I've tried walking around on the left side but there seems to be a deadend and it won't let me go any further to reach the chest. I've managed to get the other ones in this room and the ones on the left-staircase and even in the left staircase one with the hidden paths it still went nowhere so I'm not sure how to reach the chest in the pictured one.


Ok, thanks! I've already got Inceptum and finished Beomaust's lair. How do I make Atlantis appear? I can't seem to find it on the north-east corner of the map. I only see a triangle white spot but there's nothing on it.

Also how do I solve the Master Forge and Legendary artifacts mission? I've shown the weapons/equipment from the White Shrine, adamantium, the ores I've got and nothing seems to trigger the blacksmith on the Forgotten Continent. I've also went back to him after getting the Tiger stone something but he's still asking me which I want to forge and to come back if I've "thought of something".

I'm also missing the sidequest after "Furious Professor" (last one on page 1) and 2 sidequests after "Occultos Survivors" (sandwiched between "Rembrandt Banker"). How do I get those 2 sidequests?


I can't find the Inceptum after I have the airship though, where is it? Or do you mean the Inceptum in the New game+?

I'm stuck in Phoenix Cave right now and no matter how many back-tracking I can't seem to get this crystal to open up so I can get this chest on the right hand side.

I also can't seem to move Sammy's party in the dark area to the next area. The only "crystal" I've managed to turn off in their map was only 1 and it was on most left hand side (not pictured above).

That map is just after the disappearing bridges and the other party' map is "normal brightness" while Sammy's party is in the dark area. If you can pinpoint me the map and how to solve that part it'll be greatly appreciated.


Does that mean the drill quest can't be done? Cuz I've already gave the magazine to the king and he never mentioned that I could open the vault like some players have mentioned.


Hey DJC, was wondering if triangle base has disappeared after you come back from the forgotten continent?

Cuz it seems like after I land my airship it just goes directly to the mountain path to the "monsters" and the base is gone.