What are you thinking about right now?

I'm thinking about how I'm gonna have my 3rd Japan trip since last month. :O

rm2k font help

Hey guys, I was wondering if there's a way to make Chinese fonts appear in rm2k? I've managed to do it aeons ago and it appears normally in the game but when I've tried it earlier the letters comes out as question marks.

e: I've downloaded something called "locale emulator" and for some reason some characters, instead of question marks, they appear as "x" lol.

I made my friend unwittingly named two of his signature cocktails under an RMNer's username and a classic RM game.

Thanks piano! I have no idea why they're like that but I think Samsung Note 9's default size is that welp.

e: yep so my phone automatically DOES set it to 4000x :S

I made my friend unwittingly named two of his signature cocktails under an RMNer's username and a classic RM game.

Yeah, the pics ended up too big too when I've check in preview. I had to wait a few secs before they're all fully loaded so maybe they'll show up if you wait a bit? If not I'll try to resize them somehow later : P

I made my friend unwittingly named two of his signature cocktails under an RMNer's username and a classic RM game.

So me and my friend finally had time to visit our friend's newly opened bar and he finally did it!

In the menu, the first cocktail is from Ocean's name which I haven't sadly gotten to try since my dumdum friend didn't have time to "fat wash" the drink, I did however tried Romancing Walker and here it is!

The first draft initially included Yellow Magic's name but it didn't end up in the final menu and pretty understandable tbh if he didn't want to name his drink under a piss. *shrugs*

As for the Romancing Walker, it had strong mango notes, well balanced, but not too strong for me, good perhaps for people who don't really drink.

I've also tried "The American" and it's my favorite atm - subtle coffee notes and sourness that blends perfectly!

I will update in the future when I've tried Ocean's drink and see how it is! ❤

Exile's Journey

I've tried both and it doesn't work, save points just automatically activate and makes me save or not and I can't find Adaem anywhere in my party.

Exile's Journey

Ok thanks, that and the kraken, how do you find the rest of the sidequests? I went back to the town in the north of Arwald and helped ward off the demons but it didnt appear as a sidequest.

Also how do you change party members? I've chosen the Kobold to replace Adaem and now I can't find any button or anywhere in the menu to replace him back.

Exile's Journey

Hi, how do I help the sick woman in the house? The husband mentions something about the house behind the item shop but I couldn't open it.


Hi DJC, I've stumbled upon another hidden chest again, it's in one of the Mountain area of the 4 places needed to go (it's the place that has that board warning people of lava and not leaving your belongings).

I've already went to the left-hand side and any combination/paths don't work.

Love and War: Act I

Hi Admiral!

Any chance that you'll upload Part II anytime soon? Cuz I remember after playing the first game, I was curious if it had a sequel and someone mentioned there was but it was taken down after awhile but I managed to get my hands on it (sorry!) by snooping around.

It was in my old computer ages ago so the file is probably gone now but just wanna let you know even if Part II was kinda unfinished I remember having a lot of fun playing the game! :) So it'd be nice even if you release it as sort of an unfinished demo or something :D Any luck you can do that?? :)