Breaking the fourth wall in games

In cartoons, it is typical for the characters to break the fourth wall in the end of the episodes.

So I ask, is it okay to break the fourth wall in games?

Must you, in any circumstances, never break the fourth wall except when trying to explain the instructions for the minigames or when in the introductions?

"3D" in RMXP and RMVX


They call it "Mode 7", if anyone's ever heard of it.

XP: http://save-point.org/Thread-xp-script-h-mode7--3151
XP: http://save-point.org/Thread-xp-script-neo-mode-7-script-by-mgcaladtogel--2313
VX: http://www.rpgrevolution.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29425

Sorry if someone already posted this before ><

So what do you guys think of it? Would you consider it in your project?

Voice acting in games

The games that I've played that had voice acting were horrible. It was even worse than English dubs in anime. The feelings were there alright, but the voice just didn't seem to fit with the characters. Like, the protagonist, who's supposed to be manly and a gentleman had a voice that seemed like he had a cold or something. :/ Not cool. But I don't particularly dislike voice acting. It's just when I see those 2 words in a game, it just gives me the shudders. O_O

Also, voice acting seems to destroy your imagination as to how the characters would sound like. Like Three the Hard Way, many in the game has commented about Vance's Somerset accent, so I did a lil research.
"Ere, theart nu ere arh’un?"
"Hey, you’re new here aren’t you”?
Some good Anglo Saxon here with 'Theeart' (Thee as in you and Art as in are).
Totally kills the point of Vance insulting random people when they can't even understand his accent!

So what are your thoughts of voice acting in games? Do you like/hate them? Would you rather not have them in the game?

Placement on world map

If you are making a game and you are using real places (like Athens, New York, etc), do you need to place them accurately just like the real maps? Or it doesn't matter since you don't know their exact locations or you're not familiar with the cities?

Just wondering if people care about the little details in games. Comments are much appreciated!
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