Hi. I'm Ixfuru. I started creating games when I was very young. Probably about 6th grade or so. I used to sit at school and doodle these pencil and paper games and then me and a friend would play through them. When I was in my 20s, I started creating a game called NetherQuest. It was a D&D style game and it kept me, the wife, and the neighbors occupied for many nights. When I discovered RPGMakerVX, some time in my early thirties, I started recreating NetherQuest as a playable video game. The process was slow at first, as I didn't know how to script, and most scripters didn't want to take on large projects like those I needed for NQ. It took me a few years to learn to code in Ruby on my own. Since then, I've been taking those 13 notebooks and transforming them into the massive world of NetherQuest, and it's become an obsession to try and finish it before my days on earth are through.

About a year and a half ago, my wife, my two sons, and I, started a little gaming company called J3I Games. We've released one commercial project so far and have been busily creating on NQ and the other handful of games that are on the docket.

I am an amateur rock guitarist, writer and programmer. I like dark music, comedy films, and open-world RPG video games.


05/03/2014 02:46 AM

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