Longtime fan of the gam creation but has never really gotten very far with it, you can find me making a rare "there isn't an SMBX event going on right now" appearance but I only truly exit hibernation for dem sweet Mairo bois

I'd like to imagine I'm a nice guy but emphasizing too much on it is self-indulgent and not stating as such is passive - I'd like to think of myself as an imply-ey guy

On the rare occasion I might actually be useful to you I'd be more than happy to help as long as it requires absolutely no codey or imagey stuff, seriously I have just enough brain cells to breath, I have no chance of picking up actually useful skills for game design



Mario's Musical Marathon

It's not exactly a secret that SMBX has been dying on this website, hell I kinda knew that coming in, but I didn't think the event would be this quiet at all

Mario's Musical Marathon

To be honest, all this event needs is a hub, I have been meaning to sort one out for months but life has been kicking the unholy hell out of me recently and honestly, I haven't found the time, patience and creativity to make a proper one.

This event is honestly a bit of a sore spot for me now, I remember being so excited to have my own event to run on the website and the low signup and submission levels just hit me where it hurts. Guess I just left it too long in the end, way past RMNs SMBX years. Doesn't help that I had my own little SMBX Writer's Block, couldn't even get my own level out for the damn thing because I just couldn't think of anything worth it

Mario's Musical Marathon

Apologies for the incredibly late update, I've been messing around the past few weeks trying to do a DBS check of all things; fun

Hopefully I should now be able to begin compiling it, thanks to those who made levels for the event again

Mario's Musical Marathon

So, with the celebratory season over, it's time for a roll call
I need to know if anyone's still making levels and if they can/intend to have it out in the near future, as long as no-one is going to be lobbing me a level in a couple of days, I'll begin compiling it into a small game
If you absolutely 100% intend to put in a level but know that you won't have it in soon for whatever reason, what I can suggest is send it to me when it's done and I will update the game to include your new level
Welp, the turnout for the event was admittedly low but the levels we got in were great, so I'm pleased regardless, thanks for joining those who did/could

Mario's Musical Marathon

Tell her I extended it. And I could extend it again and there's nothing she can do about it.

I couldn't tell my cat that I petted a different cat, telling other humans things they might not like are usually in a no-go zone

Mario's Musical Marathon

It's not a chance, it's downright a guarantee at this point, but basically Liberty sounded pretty peeved I extended it THAT much so that's the most I can do

Mario's Musical Marathon

Yeah, Liberty got back to me and said it was fine but that it was definitely pushing it so once 9th Dec hits, we'll definitely be taking either the open-ended route or what we got route, no way we'd be extending the event itself further

Mario's Musical Marathon

Basically, if the songs are supposed to be heard one after the other (ie. the music wasn't made with the intention of me only listening to song 2, disregarding songs 1 and 3) then it's perfectly fine, if the songs are linked by name alone then it's a no - Now honestly I'd say that they don't link but honestly I haven't even heard anything that sounds remotely like this before so I'll leave it at your discretion Pyro

Mario's Musical Marathon

Just keep this open ended for a while. Until there is enough for a decent sized game, even if it's made up of levels from just a few people. You could put a message to PM you levels after the deadline if it can't be altered. (btw, it doesn't show who is running this event anywhere on the page)

How will these levels be assembled in game? We could talk about ideas for it. Liiiiiike, it could be a Music Hall of Fame type hub world with paintings on the wall for each song that you jump in to start. Stars could be reskinned to records. You gotta get 5 platinum records(yoshi coins) haha

Are we having common enemy sprites? Like with the Halloweeen event. Music related goombas, maraca koopas, pipes are speakers with music notes popping up, flying V shaped guitars :)

Hub-wise, my initial plan was to place the levels in segments dedicated to certain genres, however thus far that wouldn't be possible due to receiving a small number of levels of which none have matching genres

Now I am awful at graphics and the only real plan for forced musical sprites was to replace the dragon coins with musical notes, however if anyone who doesn't suck makes anything that makes sense/gives me an idea that even a paint.net newb like me a shot at making it not look awful then I'll take them on board

Also, yes the whole open ended thing is the plan

Mario's Musical Marathon

I would like to make a level for this but I couldn't even tell you when I'd have it done. 2 weeks, next month, who knows. But I probably will make one eventually, either for this or for my own pleasure. Likely something by Rush.

Just send it whenever if you do make it, even if it is very late, could really do with as many levels as we can get my hand on here by looks of things