Longtime fan of the gam creation but has never really gotten very far with it, you can find me making a rare "there isn't an SMBX event going on right now" appearance but I only truly exit hibernation for dem sweet Mairo bois

I'd like to imagine I'm a nice guy but emphasizing too much on it is self-indulgent and not stating as such is passive - I'd like to think of myself as an imply-ey guy

On the rare occasion I might actually be useful to you I'd be more than happy to help as long as it requires absolutely no codey or imagey stuff, seriously I have just enough brain cells to breath, I have no chance of picking up actually useful skills for game design


[SMBX] Picking a version of SMBX

Now I've been planning on working on an SMBX project, I've only really worked in the massive SMBX collabs before and thus only really used SMBX 1.3, now I'm aware that there are now different versions and editors available to me and I have no idea which one to use

I have attempted to use PGE, but have no idea how to get it to load up SMBX graphics as it seems to be adamant upon using it's own and have very little knowledge of any extra features it may have beyond perhaps locking certain object-types from movement

I should also point out my knowledge of coding is limited to a basic understanding of Python, which I'd imagine is considerably different from the Lua I'm aware many of them have the ability to use

RMN World?

Just wonderin', whatever the hell happened to that? Hali?

What game would you want to see a direct sequel to?

Basically, I've played Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and I was a bit disappointed there was no direct sequel, the only sequel there was had absolutely nothing to do with the story line and the closest i'm gonna get is the Fire Emblem: Awakening they're releasing next year where some characters randomly show up as enemies in DLC maps (With an exception of Eirika as an ally and Ephraim as a Permanent ally)

You got any?
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