I'm Scottish. I don't see any moral reason to eat meat. I like plasticine. I don't like when my socks fold under my feet.
Will you ever return?
Death, Inferno and a revisiting.



Blues for Mittavinda Review

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All Hallows' Event 2013

All Hallows' Event 2013

Great contest and (of the ones I've tried) great entries. Good luck everyone and well done to everyone who made a game! Finishing a game is a great prize in itself. Can't wait to see who wins though!


Simply fantastic. I love the sounds. I love the music and the motions. No qualms. I particularly love the crying character, very, very inspiring.


haha! Yes, yes, I know. I got waylaid but it's back in action and I am really on it now. It's become a bit bigger than I first thought. So new aim is February 2014 with a collection of mini/ mobile narratives to go with it.
I'll post some updates in the coming weeks in fact, hows about that?


I didn't think anyone would really be interested in it here so I bundled it with the first half. You think I should put it up separately?
Also, it's a bit rude.

RMN Fall Podcast (Part 3)

That's a pity, oh well. I'd be grateful to hear it but I understand if it's lost in the void, these things happen.

RMN Fall Podcast (Part 3)

wonder if part 4 will ever come...

Will you ever return?

Try using wavepad.

There's a free version, and it allows you to edit some of the songs down. I use it to remove parts of a song that waste MB.

Also, look into a MP3 into WMA converter. It can sometimes cut 50% of the MB off of a song. Very useful, very awesome, very sexy, very free.
(and yeah, I'm using black for my text because it's easier to read on a white background.)

Huh, you and me must have ver' similar practices, I'm using Wavepad right now. And cheers for the pointer on WMA, I'll look into that now, it doesn't reduce the quality* too much does it? Anyway, don't think I'll compromise my art* just for the sake of a few MB or downloads.

Not sure how I made all the writing go red. CSS newbe here.

*"quality" and "art" are used in a very loose sense.
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