Final Fantasy Dreams

Final Fantasy Dreams

hmmm gud points, but lets compare shall we.

First boss, (ass well as pretty much any boss) is weak to fire. Whats more, fire inflicts burn and thats pretty much instant win once u inflict burn.

music is all MIDI music so i don't understand low quality part, thats how MIDI music sounds :\ theres some mp3 but im sure they were compressed to cut download size. i think.

there can't be limit break bars in battle because theres no way to implement that in the DBS.

the gameover movie plays fine, its full screen and in the center. i think it depends on your codecs, use klite.

there is only one climbing event i know of, and if u fail 3 times you r given choice to skip it.

it looks to me like your the "new age" of gamer who came in during the times of all these "plugins" that can do fancy shit but this game s like 3 years old (2010) so no "plugin for limit bars" n stuff.

Final Fantasy Dreams

did u try sleeping at an inn? usually those, by engine default, cure all status effects.... idunno man this has me baffled! maybe u can upload ur save file to the locker and post the link so we can see also.?

Final Fantasy Dreams

looks like more of a engine issue than anything.... maybe some rm guru knows more??

Final Fantasy Dreams

yeah several people hav complained about laptops not being able to do this. best solution is to hook up a usb keyboard and do it that way. thats how i did it...

Final Fantasy Dreams

Its actually stated pretty clearly in the bookshelf in clouds house which cloud recommends you read when the game starts...

If the Custom Menu doesn't open, (unless it's a part of the story) just enter and exit any INN to reset the Custom Menu.


If for some reason, your move speed becomes really slow, or fast, just enter and exit any town and the speed will reset.


If you enter a dungeon and it flashes RED then it means that there is some kind of great treasure hidden in that dungeon. Look for them thoroughly.

Final Fantasy Dreams

dude ... I have been waiting for an answer to my question for 3 weeks.... so yeah good luck with that.

freezes AFTER u beat him? any messages or just freeze...?

Final Fantasy Dreams

pretty much yes. I pm'd him bak when he ws aruond about this same thing and he said the saem thng, u need a key board with a + (the standard PC keyboard) to get around this part....

Final Fantasy Dreams

This game dont need runtime pakage, u can just run it like that an it works!

Final Fantasy Dreams

every time I go to the first tower, I get a black screen,any help?

i've finished this game 3 times now (new game+ rocks!!) an d i never had this error, u must be doin something wrong
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