The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Anyone have a copy of a game made by Carius called "Wings of Origin"?

The pre battle menu escape: Why doesn’t it work?

Nope, the reason it doesnt work is because you can only escape IF YOU GOT PREEMPTIVE STRIKE.. it will NOT work in normal encounters you must get a first move only then will it not be greyd out

WTF is this shiet.

u have to make ur DEATH condition a tempory one insted of perma. just go do "extent of condition" and put "ends aftr battle".

What Happened Last Night

I'm looking forward to the future of RMN with all these people gone, better days on the horizon people!

just get rid of tft an ciel and the set will be complete

Review scoring: standardization, professionalism, etc.

ever hear of the sayin dont judge a book by the cover?? how i type on the forum snd how i type in reviews is different. i dont hav time to sit around n mak my posts neat and tidy like a little school girls but i do do that when im doing something professional so please excuse yourself.

Review scoring: standardization, professionalism, etc.

i submitted a review almost a week ago and its still poending,. who is in charge of looking after submissions anyway?

I need a custom title.

here u go mate

Accumulating Money over time

no, make the common event a parallel process event, NOT a call event. it will turn on automatically when the "house bought" switch is turn on and then u forget about it, let it do its own thing.

Accumulating Money over time

wat issue? it waits 5 mins and then adds 1000gil to ur money then goes back to wait for 5 mins, what issue can there be exactly i dont understnd u

Accumulating Money over time

shuld be simple enuf. easy as going to the common events and make a new event that is turned on by the same switch u used to check if the house was bought, then put a wait: 5000 (5 mins) and then increase ,money: 1000 or whatever. or u can wait for a random amount of time between 5 mins n 7 mins, just 2 add some flavor...
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