Favorite videogame world.

All of you should be ashamed for not saying Dragon Quest VII!

I'd give up the real world anytime to live in that one.

Let's Discuss Super Powers!

bunch of retarded bullshit

no one DIES from giving their energy to the spirit bomb asshole. know your facts before you run your mouth

Post your Desktop!

apparently all of you are sissys with your little anime girl wallpapers lol xD tehehe


Upcoming RMN Updates (01/24/2011)

In the good days, everyone was constructive, friendly, and welcoming. The site revolved around game development, and whatever was off topic was intellectual and good discussion.

In the "good ol days" we didn't have GW trolls around here, only people intrested in makin games.

And then GW died. guess where the trolls moved to.

yo dudes

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Kingdom hearts 2. For the 6th time. Not consecutively mind you. Also doing this run with some nice codebreaker codes like slowmo the game at will, custom forms other than the default three and fly (not glide) any time. Not any lame codes though like infinite hp those are for losers.

TVTropes: Getting games that deserve it, and our community, a worthy spot.

I resent when amateur writing and amateur films are listed on TV Tropes

and amateur games. But what're ya gonna do :\

to quote mr burns: "let the fools have their tar tar sauce"

Wanting to make your game difficult.

Xenosaga 3 had a "finish strike" system where if you got your boost to level 2 and finished an enemy with a special you got more exp and money and a better item drop rate. I found myself saving boost for nearly every battle to take advantage of it.

RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate

@jamesr2: I had the same idea but didn't find a solution yet.

oh man! it would be so awesome if you got it to work!

RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate

Cherry, is there another feature you can implement? What I want to be able to do is select a wider range of tiles with the selector than the default. heres an example, this is what is allowed (vertically):

and this is what I'm thinking about happening:

I hope you can see what i mean. It would save a LOT of time selecting big things like trees in one go rather then selecting one half, pasting it, and then the other half.
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